[Review] Egoist – Roy Kim

Two days ago, I reviewed Roy Kim’s main title track, Suddenly. I made a statement that I would review the other title track of Roy Kim’s latest comeback, Egoist, today. And here it is. For those who may have missed the review, Roy Kim made his solo comeback with his first mini album, which features two title tracks.

Roy Kim has always been known for his more acoustic sounds, such as his main past title tracks. So it came as a surprise when I first heard this song. Egoist delves into a more electronic instrumental, but still managing to maintain those acoustic vibes throughout the song. And the blend between the two is amazing. I personally think the tropical and more summery sounds that came out of this song was extremely fitting, for both the upcoming season and Roy Kim himself. I mentioned his voice in the past review and I have to mention them again here. Roy Kim sounds amazing in this song, as well! I love the chorus of the song, especially that line, which was at a higher pitch. I thought the buildup during the pre-chorus was really great as well, which built up from his already great verses to an even more amazing chorus. There is enough catchiness to the song that has me coming back for more. Overall, I thought the song was incredibly smooth and it is music that I would love to hear from Roy Kim in the future.

Matching that tropical and summer sound, we have a more colourful video for the song. It is also a nice contrast to the more dulled music video that was released for Suddenly. In this video, we see Roy Kim being quirky in the video. Also in the video is an equally quirky girl, who follows Roy Kim around. She is helpful at times but probably creeps Roy Kim out just a bit. He soon starts falling for her, while they both share the odd and weird activities that Roy likes.  The video made me laugh and it spoke to me on a level that no other video has. I thought the circumstances of how they met were quite cute. I personally liked this video a lot and you all should check it out as well!

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10


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