[Review] I’m Ready – MAP6

MAP6 is back with their latest single, I’m Ready. The group previously made their last Korean comeback with Swagger Time in March of last year. Since then, the group made their debut in Japan with the Japanese version of Swagger Time. The group also recently returned to Japan with the song No Surrender, released in March 2017.

I’m Ready is a pretty standard song, but it did catch my attention with that generic feel. Out of the few KPOP boy groups that have returned this week from the smaller companies, this one provided felt the most powerful and tough, despite it using a very generic pop sound. Not technically fond of the voices at the start of the song, but from the strumming guitars onwards sounded quite nice. I love the mini burst of intensity when the chorus kicks. It might not have been enough, but it still works. Not technically fond of their electro dance breakdown right after the choruses. It didn’t fit in well with the guitar based instrumental. The chorus is catchy, to an extent. The vocals were okay, but they didn’t carry that wow factor. Lastly, the raps felt like letdowns in this track. The rappers had very deep and low voices, which it usually associated with some rappers. But they sounded soft and didn’t necessarily fit the intensity that the song was trying to send out, which did bring it down in my eyes.

The music video was pretty awesome, except for one small detail. The song itself sounded rough at times and it felt edgy and tough. The video went for a similar feel, with the darker concept pushing for a more mature and powerful side of the guys out there. It did feel generic and it was lacking, but at least I got that out of it. But when the members were interrogating the girl, they were attempting to flirt in a way that felt childish and comedic. Totally opposite of that tough boy feel. At least that is what I got out of the video. And after watching many crime shows, I think they should invest in a one-way mirror because that seems to make their actions a little more subtle. The choreography shots and all looked spectacular. Given everything I have already said, I think this is their best video yet!

The dance was pretty good. Not that memorable, but still pretty good. While I am not fond of the dance break in the song, the dancing during that part was probably the best part of the whole choreography in my mind. The guys felt like they were flirting in the dance, which seemed to go hand in hand with the other aspects of their comeback.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10


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