[Review] Only You – 24K

Boy group 24K is officially back with their brand new single, Only You. Last year, the group returned with two songs, Still 24K and Bingo, that were both EDM based and shared one story split between two music videos. This is their first comeback since October of last year.

Once again, the group has returned with an EDM-based song. But compared to their last songs, which seemed to use more of the heavier EDM synths, this one is a lot easier on the ears. While I don’t necessarily find the song catchy, I can see why some people would say otherwise. Their instrumental is interesting and adds to the song’s catchy vibes. The beat doesn’t seem to drop, but their vocals act as that drop. Not too sure if I feel okay with this, but I have to admit the vocal work for this song is pretty good. What I did notice though was the level of energy the song gives. Not only does the energy seem to ooze from the instrumental, but their vocals seem to also contribute to the energy as well. So the sound appears to be impactful and punchy. I just find the verses boring, and the chorus felt too repetitive. But everything else makes this one fine song.

The music video is pretty good. I thought the group would have been dealt with a terrible video since their company went all out for their past two music videos and the group doesn’t seem to have big returns. So the video caught me off guard. Watching the video, I have no idea what every single member is doing in the video. But the choreography scenes look quite cool, even though it isn’t as flashy as the song sounds. Furthermore, the ending where the guys are peering a hole in the coloured walls looked very cool and stylish. What the video did need was some colour to match the song, and those final scenes, along with the changing light backdrop for the choreography scenes do just that.

The choreography is quite good. Nothing that amazed me (once again) but it is fitting for the music. The energy can be felt throughout the performance, which is also a plus.  I thought the footwork was pretty cool. And now, I am just going to body roll my way out of this section. Hahahaha….

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10


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