[Review] Baby – ASTRO

ASTRO is back with a brand new mini-album, titled as Dream Part. 01. Baby is the title track for the mini-album. ASTRO previously returned (without promotions) with their fourth and Winter-themed mini-album, along with the track Should Have Held Onto You in February.  The group has also been announced perform at their first concert in July this year.

Fitting in with the upcoming Summer season in South Korea, ASTRO’s Baby is a great song to open up the extremely close season (Excuse me, while I start shivering down here in Melbourne). The overall sound is fresh and bright, which are ideas that you associate with Summer. The sound also goes hand-in-hand with their previous releases. The song is rooted firmly into the pop sphere, but there is a strong tropical sound that comes out of it. The vocal work is great here and the raps seem to come in at the right time. It’s the type of song that you wouldn’t mind dancing to or you can’t help smiling too. The only thing I have against the song is that it isn’t as catchy as I wanted it to be. Not necessarily a bad thing in this case though, because I would listen to it either way for that Summer feel. There is something in the chorus that would perk my ears up, but it isn’t at the level I want it to be. But overall, great song!

The music video features the guys working in a cafe that serves 6 different coloured soft drinks. And each member represents a single colour. Moonbin is red, Eunwoo is blue, JinJin is green, MJ is orange, Sanha is yellow and Rocky is indigo/violet. And each drink somehow transports you to a different coloured room, with each respective member in there with you, having a bit of fun. The use of colour is obvious but it goes well that Summer season. I liked how the rooms were next to each other and would have liked for a longer montage to be shown of the rooms next to each other. There was one thing though. As the music video progresses, the video seems to lose its touch that it started off with. But that might just be my perspective. But overall, great music video, as well!

And here is a great (should find a new word to use) choreography. Something that left me surprised was their footwork. All of their previous performances have proven the group to be great dancers. Likewise, this performance does as well! Like most of the performances this year, not that memorable. But nonetheless, you should check it out!

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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