[Review] Mind Control – TOPSECRET

TOPSECRET is officially back with their latest song, which was released on Monday (5th of May). The 7-member boy group previously made their debut with She (which I did not end up reviewing) back in January and are under JSL Company

The song is your generic upbeat Summer track from a boy group. But there is a slight twist that makes the song a little more compelling to listen to. It fits in with the rest of the Summer tracks for the Summer season. But that just means it doesn’t stand out that much in the crowd. There wasn’t anything special about worth talking about. Their vocals and rapping abilities are pretty good, but there isn’t anything amazing about them. But that small part right after the chorus really lifts the song up and gives it an intense sound. It also makes the song brighter and vibrant. It changes up the song quite a bit, but it works well. At first, I thought it sounded weird and odd. But after a few more listens, it ended up sounding quite normal. The rest of the song was forgettable but because of that different post-chorus section, the song will probably get more attention in the future from me.

The music video is set at a school. The guys are in science class and learning about hormones. I don’t blame them for falling asleep. Just reading the subtitles had me falling asleep. But the guys somehow create a formula which gets everyone dancing. They were very wasteful on their part, by over spraying everyone and then wondering why they ran out. And then they somehow make another massive batch and proceed to gather everyone in a hall and make them dance. While I do question the plot (yeah… I do this to a few videos), I think it was a great way to incorporate “Mind Control” into the video. For once I don’t really enjoy the choreography shots, but overall, I don’t mind watching the video over and over again.

These guys will be shuffling their way through the next few months. I remember when shuffling was a trend at school. Minus the shuffling though, I thought the dance was rather weak. It was fun to watch though.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10

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