[Review] Happy – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

After their comeback in January with I Wish, Cosmic Girls are finally back with their latest title track, Happy and their very first album. Like the previous two reviews, there will be an album review coming for this album as well. Just expect all the album reviews to come out after the 19th of June. But until then, let’s start the review.

For a song titled as Happy, it is extremely cheerful and ‘happy’ which to me is a big plus. Some songs try to change it up and be unique. That sometimes takes the feelings and emotions away from the song. Happy keeps its real by sticking with the sound all throughout. As a fan who thoroughly enjoyed their last two comebacks for its more ‘cosmic’ sounds and concepts, I was a tad disappointed to learn that they were not going continuing with that sound. To the point where I sat through the first listening of Happy not feeling that happy. But with more listens to the song, I have officially fallen in love with it. It may not be their best sound, but it is still quite a nice song to listen to. Their vocals and raps are okay. Bright but not memorable. The instrumental shared the same fate but I did think it was quirky sounding for a while. It may not sound like I am enjoying the song, but I can assure you that the chorus has started to catch on. Within a few more listens, I am sure I will be singing and dancing to this song constantly.

I love the video. The teaser had a bit of plagiarism issue, where they have been accused of copying JPOP’s Perfume concept. But we are not here to talk about a teaser. We are here to talk about the dodgeball fun in this video. I believe the concept they were going for was cheerleaders, which was reflected on stage as well. It matched the bright and vibrant sets and the sound of the song as well. What I also loved about the video was the girls in the scenes or backgrounds. While it has been done before, it looks fresh and cool. What I am exactly referring to how there are multiple members in one scene. One would get the centre postion because it was their part to sing, while the rest of the members carry on doing their own stuff. I know. Nearly all music videos do that. But it legit looked a unique thing was going on here. Overall it was a great video to watch.

The performance matched the song. It used that cheerleading concept and applied a more cute style to it. Overall, it was memorable but it is was still nice to watch. I liked the pom poms (not exactly sure what they are called in cheerleading). They added a more realistic touch to the stage and music video.
Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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