[Review] Untitled, 2014 – G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Within just an hour of release, there are only a few artists that are capable of debuting at the top of charts in South Korea. Actually, that might be incorrect, since I am only aware of one occurrence of that happening (just yesterday!). I am referring to the long awaited comeback of G-Dragon. And he has been topping charts everywhere around the world with his latest mini album, Kwon Ji Yong. The main track is Untitled, 2014 and is the first YG artist in a while to only come back with one main title track (not exactly sure if promotions will actually occur).

And of course, the Digital King himself went with a completely unanticipated style with this track. Though I am quite sure G-Dragon has released ballads in the past, I don’t think I have heard anything from him that is this heartfelt. Just by listening to it, you can tell that it goes deep. There are two parts of this song. The melodic piano instrumental receives big ticks from me. It’s simple and clean. Nothing too fancy. But the real winner has to be his dominating and amazing vocals. If the instrumental received big ticks, then G-Dragon’s voice has to receive massive golden stars. I think that description alone tells you what I think of the song entirely. I  am literally just staying still for the entire song, every time I replay it. I am in awe and am speechless at the same time. There is no highlight. I usually point out to a certain section of the song that I love the most. But it is evident that for the very first time, I think the entire song is the highlight. We all know what G-Dragon is capable of, but yet he manages to blow everyone (including myself) in one away or another, majority of the times he come back.

The music video showed his professionalism and skills. Essentially, the video was shot in under an hour. That is something unheard of. According to the new articles I am reading, the idea was extremely simple (which matched the simplicity of the song). The video focuses on G-Dragon’s performance, not content or complexity. And that is what is delivered. I love a good old simple video and this one probably one of the few that does it right. While we do not see G-Dragon that clearly, it is an amazing video to watch that matches the song perfectly.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

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