[Review] Why Don’t You Know – Chungha ft. Nucksal

One of the former I.O.I members, Kim Chungha, have made her official solo debut with her song, Why Don’t You Know and min-album, Hands On Me. She (from what I remember) is the first member of I.O.I to make her solo debut, since disbanding. She is currently under M&H Entertainment and has been a highly anticipated solo act.

Why Don’t You Know tries its best to live up to the standards that have been set prior to its release. And it sadly falls short of those expectations. For the most part, the song is mildly good to listen to. The tropical EDM sound is quite nice. I personally enjoyed the instrumental of the track, but I feel like constant releases of the tropical genre may end up becoming repetitive in the future. But besides that, there was nothing standing out when I listened to the track and the same impression sticks to even after many replays. Her vocals are okay. They do shine, but I feel like she doesn’t shine enough. She does, however, sound like she spent most of her times pushing her voice to the limits, especially in the chorus. The featuring rapper, Nucksal, did not need to be in the song. I felt like his part took the song a step back, rather than a step forward. It also cut the flow of the song, which left Chungha and the instrumental having to recover (and quite poorly) to the original state of the song.

The music video was a mess in my eyes. It felt like there was, visually, too much going on and the editing necessarily didn’t help with that. The video could be cut in multiple sections. Let’s simply call the section ‘outdoors’, ‘aesthetic’ and ‘white room’. They didn’t go with each other and the editing made it feel all disconnected from each other. There wasn’t a common thread between each section, which made it harder to enjoy the video. If we looked at the individual scenes on their own, everything probably would have looked good and crisp.

Chungha performance looked quite good and matched the song perfectly. It just didn’t have that many memorable moments and was quite easily forgotten.

Song  – 6/10
Music Video – 4/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 5.5/10

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