[Review] Five – APINK

APINK has returned with a brand new mini-album, titled as Pink Up. The lead title track of this mini-album is Five. The last time we saw the group promoting actively on stage was through the promotions of Only One. Since that round of promotions, the girls went on a tour around Asia and released a special album, featuring the track Cause You’re My Star (which I did not review since I was on holidays at the time).

To me, Five is a step back from their mature sounding Only One song. But saying that, it also means that it is a step towards their more wider known cutesy sound, which is undeniably the selling point of all APINK songs. Though Five was just released a few hours back, I can guarantee it will be extremely catchy. The song itself uses a similar structure as their highly successful LUV song but it has different hooks, making the track unique in its own way. It’s instrumental is pretty standard but I love the layering of the vocals, especially the “Come Here, Come To Me” lines at the end of the choruses. I thought that was a really cool part of the song. The vocals here are amazing, especially the high notes by Namjoo and Eunji at the end of the song. Talking about the end of the song, I felt the final seconds of the song could have been done better. While I thought the rest of the track was amazing, I felt the ending of the song could have been ended in a more sophiscated way, rather than dwindling down to slience. But that is just my personal preference on how the song should have ended. Overall, I think it is a great song still.

Even though I thought the song was great, the music video was just boring. There wasn’t anything new or memorable in regards to the video. Everything in the video have been done before and have occurred multiple times. The concept of the video seems to lean more towards the mature side of the spectrum. There was also a board game kind of theme going on, but that could have been elaborated or protrayed in a more dominate manner. I think the video did  attempt to be cutesy but that didn’t get conveyed through that nicely.

The choreography of this video was quite good. Well, at least for the chorus that is. The rest of it was pretty forgettable. Though, seeing a brighter choreography from the girls did seem refreshing.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 4/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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