[Review] Archangels of the Sephiroth – Stellar

Known for their ‘sexual’ concepts in the more recent years, girl group Stellar marks their return with a new mini album and the title track, Archangels of Sephiroth. Their latest release was fundraised by fans, giving the girls and their company the opportunity to release Stellar’s 3rd mini-album, Stellar Into The World. While the group is not as popular as other girl groups, they must be doing something right as they managed to exceed their fundraising expectations by a fair bit. This is also the girls first time as a 5-member girl group, with the addition of Soyoung to the group.

Sadly though, I can’t make up my mind about this track. A part of me wants to love it and appreciate the uniqueness that the group is putting out there, but at the same time, the song doesn’t sit well. For me, I love the Middle Eastern influences that they have included in the track. That gives it an intriguing aspect, which does draw your attention. For once, I think the verses are probably the highlights of the song because they are done right. But once the song hits the chorus, I shiver and don’t really understand the chanting that they presented us. It takes the song backwards and doesn’t sound nice. Furthermore, it doesn’t match the rest of the song and it cuts the flow from the verses. On the other hand, the chorus does feel like it was to be the impactful moment of the song. But from what I feel, I don’t know exactly how effective it was. Their vocals overall are quite nice (minus the chorus, though). If only the chorus was more dynamic and better than what we got, I feel like this would be the one Stellar song I would love.

Given the title, you would expect to have some sort of storyline to the video. And that is exactly what we got. Essentially, one of the members is being lured to the light or the dark side. From what I can gather, Gayoung and Junyeol represent the dark side, while Hyoeun and Minhee represent the light side. In the end, I think the dark side won, managing to lure the last member, Soyung, by making her think she was going to the light side (but it turns out to the dark side). It is a very interesting video to watch and I thought it was beautifully shot. The contrast between the light and the dark was apparent and didn’t require me to squint my eyes and do a bit of Googling before coming to no conclusion. The scenery in which the video was shot was beautiful and I have to admit, this could possibly be the best video of the year.

I also loved the choreography. Given how the song is, the dance moves fit the song perfectly. There is also a  lot of elegance in the group’s performance. I also liked how there was a sensual side to the performance as well. It made it look cool and fascinating to watch.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7/10




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