[Review] Love Don’t Hurt – Shannon

Shannon Williams is a soloist in the KPOP industry that is currently under MBK Entertainment. She first appeared on various variety TV shows that put her vocals in the spotlight. After that, she debuted on Daybreak Rain in 2014. She then later returned with Why Why in 2015 and Lachrymal Gland in 2016. Love Don’t Hurt was released in both Korean (with Lil Boi as the featuring artist) and English (with Amber from F(x) as the featuring artist).

Love Don’t Hurt is one amazing song. The fact that it is getting minimal exposure is confusing me. The song falls under the RnB genre and it sounds like the typical song that I would have grown up with (before KPOP entered my life). The instrumental itself isn’t amazing, but rather typical. But her vocals is the aspect of the song that makes it amazing. Her vocals are clear and crisp. The verses are a little dry, but they dominate, which allows it to stand out from the instrumental. But it is once we move onto the chorus, that we are blown away by her vocals. They feel more powerful and definitely stronger. The impact from her vocals makes the song sound more amazing. That high note at the end makes it even better. Once the song finishes up, you want to go back for more, which makes it an amazing song. The featuring rap sequences by Lil Boi suits the song very much. Usually, the music changes around and feels disconnected when it comes to featuring artists, but here, it flows nicely from Shannon’s parts. If you are after a song to blow you away, this is the one to check out!

The music video tells the story of a couple, who first meet at the bar and the seem to fall in love with each other. They enjoy each other’s company and I believe they had some sort of falling out. This resulted in her disguising herself and killing him in the end. I don’t know why or how it got up to that part, so if any of you understand, then please share with all of us in the comments. But besides the confusion behind the video, the video is shot beautifully. The video effects give it an intriguing appeal. The combination of the song and video is remarkable. It is, unfortunately, age restricted due to the tattoos in the video, the ‘nudity’ (which I saw none of) and violence. I kind of understand it, but I feel like the restriction based on the tattoos is kind of overboard. But then again, I don’t make such decisions.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10



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