[Review] Black – Lee Hyori

All hail the Queen. The Queen of KPOP, Lee Hyori, is officially back with her sixth album, which shares the same title as the title track, Black. This is her first official release since her promotions of Miss Korea and Bad Girls, which were released back in 2013. In preparation for her comeback, she recently filmed her own variety show, along with appearing in others.

Lee Hyori always seems to try to stand out of the crowd with her songs or concepts for her comebacks. This time around, she returned with a country style of song. This is me being ignorant, but the start does remind me of the Wild Western films/songs. But what makes this song so good is that it mixes the country style with rock and some electronic influences. Together, they turn the song into a very dramatic sounding song. The overall buildup to the final chorus, which makes it almost sound like a rock song was pretty cool. I have personally never been impressed with Lee Hyori’s vocals. But her vocal work here sounds so amazing. The slowness of the rest of the song does compliment her vocals, making it seem clearer and add an extra layer to the song. Besides that, I don’t have much else to say about the song. It is a little dry for the most part, but overall, still quite good.

The music video is probably where most of my comments are coming from. This is a literal look at the music video. Lee Hyori lives in the desert where water is very scarce. She has a water tap at her front step, but it doesn’t seem to work. Every day, she has to travel a certain distance to a working water tap to obtain water. On this particular day, she meets a dog and decides to take it in. The dog, I guess, repays the favour by digging up a water tap that provides water to Lee Hyori, who ends up taking a bath using the water obtained from the new discovery. Her video seems to go deeper once you look into the lyrics. From what I can gather, the song is about being fed up with the current life and wants to return to a time where there was happiness. Hence, you see her doing her makeup for her job in a way where she doesn’t look too happy. But once she found her happiness, in the video’s case – water, it provided her with freedom and a smile. The choreography scenes featured in the video looked interesting. They seemed to match the interactions that she had with the dog, which I guess could be a representation of moving back to the happy life. A very interesting video.

I had a very brief look at her showcase and there does not seem to be any live performance of Black yet. I don’t know if I skipped her performance, but for the time being, I shall return once a full dance version or stage performance is uploaded.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – To Be Updated
Overall Rating – 9.5/10




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