[Review] Party Time – Favorite

I would like to start off by saying that I will be struggling throughout this review. Why do you ask? The newly-formed girl group’s name is spelt the American way. But I live in Australia. Even my spell-checker is currently yelling at me for spelling ‘favourite’ wrong. Back to the introduction. Favorite is a 6-member girl group currently under Astory Entertainment. They made their debut in the past week with their first mini-album and the title track, Party Time.

This group has managed to score a brand new fan. Their song is like your typical KPOP song, in the sense that it mashes multiple genres together. While I have poorly rated song in the past of the same nature, I am not too troubled by the mix of genres in the song. You can hear electronic, pop and Middle Eastern (during the rap bridge). It honestly sounded quite cool. Like the name suggests, the song does a pretty good job at conveying that party sound. The chorus was quite catchy, though I do get a feeling that it is so repetitive, that I might get annoyed at it, in the future. Their vocal work is quite nice. The way their vocals fit into the song really make it an interesting aspect of the song. The different genres are quite unexpected. Especially the Middle Eastern inspired sounds during the rap bridge. They caught my off guard, but damn, do they really provide suspense and added energy to the song. That was by far my most favourite part of the song. It might not be some people’s ideal track, but I think it is one interesting piece of music and I am totally replaying it.

The music video takes on a creepy vibe, something that you don’t get from the song. However, despite it being an extreme concept to attempt, it does work well with the song. I would have liked to have written a full interpretation of the video, but I got lost very easily, so I am just going to avoid misinterpreting the video for you guys. But if you know or have any idea of what’s going on, comment down below and share with all of us. But overall, the music video was very interesting to watch. And the song adds a little more creepiness to the video, for some reason. Kind of how Ring Around The Rosies is used in horror films.

Their performance isn’t a really great performance. It does do the job, but it doesn’t have a wow-factor or anything memorable. I probably watch the performances for the song mainly.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 5/10
Overall Rating – 8/10



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