[Review] Amazing – MYTEEN

Joining the industry this week is the newly debut boy group from The Music Works. MYTEEN is a 7-member boy group consisting of Taevin, Chun Jin, Eun Su, Xi Heon, Jun Seop, Yu Vin and Han Seul. Their debut single, Amazing is featured on the group’s first mini-album, titled as MYTEEN Go!.
Some people may find a particular member of the group familiar. Yu Vin actually made his debut prior to debuting with the group as he participated Superstar K6. In one of his solo tracks, he features alongside Baek Ji Young in Garosugil, which is one of my personal favourite ballad tracks in KPOP.

The group boasts members of young ages. How young? Well, all of them are born in the late 90s, with one member born in 2001, according to a profile site. And given their young age, it was a little obvious with the route that they would go down (however, don’t be fooled. There is also a video for a more mature concept released). Amazing is a super catchy song that features a very pop-dominating sound.  It has a generic instrumental, which I enjoyed but it didn’t really feel ear-catching. However within the first listen in, the song caught my attention with its great hooks and its simplicity. That can be attributed to the chorus of the song, which definitely sticks in my head after the song finishes. But with more listens, I am drawn to their vocals and raps. For a rookie group, the vocal line is already doing an ‘amazing’ job. They shine the most in the second-half of the song. The rappers sound decent. But they could have had a more energy-filled sequence, which would have showed off more of their potential. I could hear it, but the limited length didn’t play towards their skills. But despite that, the rookie group caught my attention pretty fast and it is definitely an “amazing” song.

I wish I could say the same thing about the music video. But it sadly doesn’t draw my attention. There really isn’t much going on, in the video. The video mainly consisted of close-ups and choreography shots, so there isn’t much to comment on plot wise.The ending did catch me off guard, though.  There was a choreography shot where they danced in water., which usually does amaze me. But I don’t think that was necessary for this video because it didn’t fit in with the aesthetics of the video.

The performance was just what the song called for (and I say that as a compliment!). It had a nice fun feel to it, which suited the song and their ages. It isn’t spectacular, but it did the job nicely.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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