[Review] Like This – Pentagon

Pentagon has made their return to the stage once again this year with Like This. They previous promoted Pretty Pretty and Critical Beauty earlier this year. Currently, Pentagon is in the spotlight due to Hui, who has also produced some popular songs currently circulating the industry at the moment, such as Wanna One’s Energetic.

Like This has a more serious tone compared to any of Pentagon’s songs. And with that serious tone, there is a lot more angst within the song, which makes it an interesting aspect of the song. The instrumental has been stripped back quite. It isn’t heavy in terms of sound, which I actually like. It did have a very dull feel to it but the other aspects (i.e. vocals and raps) gave some the song that angst and character. Vocally, I think this is their best effort yet. It doesn’t really present us with anything new, but rather the vocal style fits the more serious side of the song. But to me, the best and worst part of the song was the rapping. The raps, for sure, felt perfect for this song in my opinion. When they needed a little intensity to keep the song intriguing, the raps came in at the right moments. But that rap sequence right after the first chorus was, what I would deem, as the weakest moment of the entire track. It was good but the way they connected it to the slow verse felt awkward and too sudden. But besides that, great song.

The darker concept went well with the song and I personally thought they would continue with the concept throughout the song. But that ending when they have fun and throw E-Dawn up into the air didn’t feel just doesn’t carry that same momentum. But besides that, each member’s individual scenes, where some showed angst, complimented well with the song.

The performance was quite good. It might be due to the slower music tempo, but I didn’t find it as captivating as their other performances. The moves weren’t that groundbreaking but they seemed to fit the song.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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