[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of September 2017

Welcome all to the 2nd week of September. I know I have said this before but the year is going way too fast for my liking. I am almost finished my semester and I only remember starting it. Everything else has been a blur!!! But despite that, I have taken some time out of today to write the weekly chart post, so let’s get going!

A slight reshuffle of last week’s top 5, with a few knockdowns and some re-entry. Jung Sewoon rose to fifth place this week with Just U. GFriend took out fourth place with their previous title track, Love Whisper. Pentagon moved up to third place with Like This and EXO’s Power wasn’t enough to hold them at the top spot for a second week, as they dropped down to second position. Honeymoon by B.A.P came out as victorious and took out the top spot this week!

Major comeback next week! BTS is making their return with DNA (and I am super excited for it). Joining BTS as well are April, Eunkwang (BTOB), Seches Kies and Niel (Teen Top).

And now, scroll down for the weekly Top 30 charts!

But here are some things that will help you denote the chart:
Green (▲)  – Song has gone up in ranking
Red (▼) – Song has gone down in ranking
Blue (=) – Song has remained in the same position as the previous week
Orange  (new) – Song debuts on the chart
Grey (Final Week) – Song appears on the chart for its final week.

10th Sep – 16 Sep 2017
Title Artist Status
1 Honeymoon B.A.P (▲ 2)
2 Power EXO (▼  1)
3 Like This Pentagon (▲ 1)
4 Love Whisper GFriend (▲ 12)
5 Just U Jung Sewoon (▲ 12)
6 Jelly HOTSHOT (▲ 16) (Final Week)
7 I’m The One MXM (▲ 47)
8 Can’t Stop DIA (▲ 2)
9 Summer Rain GFriend (new)
10 Energetic Wanna One (▼ 3)
11 Friday Night Sonamoo (▲ 1)
12 The Stars of Stars Snuper (▲ 15) (Final Week)
13 The Real N.Flying (▲ 20)
14 I Loved You DAY6 (▼ 9)
15 We Like Pristin (▲ 28)
16 Babe Hyuna (▲ 7)
17 Rolly Good Day (▲ 38)
18 Tomorrow, Today JJ Project (▲ 1)
19 Star Boyfriend (▲ 11)
20 Runaway Bobby (iKON) (new)
21 I Love You Bobby (iKON) (new)
22 Like A Flower BLACK6IX (▼ 4)
23 Only U Laboum (▲ 29)
24 Party SNSD (▼ 11)
25 DamDaDi Golden Child (▲ 6)
26 Rain KNK (▲ 12) (Final Week)
27 Gashina Sunmi (▼ 18)
28 What U Like Lee Gikwang (HIGHLIGHT) (▼ 26)
29 What Can I Do? DAY6 (▼ 8)
30 If You NU’EST W (▲ 15)

The following songs will be leaving the charts this week and will not be appearing on the charts starting next week:

  • Jelly – HOTSHOT
  • Ko Ko Bop – EXO
  • That Girl – Jung Yonghwa (CN BLUE)
  • Hola Hola – KARD
  • Rain – KNK
  • Dinosaur – AKMU
  • The Stars of Stars – Snuper

See you all next week!

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