[Review] Likey – TWICE

After the likes of Signal and Knock Knock earlier this year TWICE has returned with Likey and their first full album. It is definitely a long time coming, especially how far the girls have gone with just their title tracks alone in the past two years. Like all of the group’s track, it is expected (and they will probably achieve this by the time I post this review) that they will top the charts once again with their title track, Likey.

The one thing that I think makes TWICE songs so popular is that key phrase within the song that ends up being so addictive that everyone ends up singing along. And following that same formula is Likey, which starts off the song with that its own catchphrase. I have got it stuck in my head already and it probably won’t be going anywhere. And given that, the song has been on repeat since its release a few hours back. The song isn’t in your face with that signature level of aegyo that the girls have gone for in the past, which is why I like this song. Vocally, the members did a wonderful job and the rappers were pretty good. The only thing they could have done better with are the verses. For the most part, they felt like a blur and very forgettable. But overall, I ‘likey like likey‘ this song.

The home video concept is actually quite pleasing to watch in this video. It also goes well with the neighbourhood sweetheart style they have going. It also seems like they used a little bit of green screen for some parts, which made it intriguing for me to watch. Besides that, I don’t really feel this video. It goes well with the song but there isn’t much to say about it.

TWICE’s dance breaks are to die for. Probably the best part of the entire video. Likey seems to tap into that memorable dance move for the ‘Likey Likey Likey‘ part but it seems complicated compared to their past routines. It does look like a fun dance routine to watch.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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