[Review] Dramarama – Monsta X

Monsta X has returned with their latest mini-album, The Code (album review coming soon). The title track of the mini-album is Dramarama. This is their first comeback since their release of the Summer single, Newton. This particular comeback was met with a speed bump, with Wonho missing out on the comeback showcase due to illness. But Wonho managed to pull through and promoted alongside the rest of the members for their comeback week.

The opening of the song was just a teaser to what was to come. Dramarama had an epic start, leading to another excellent song. The intensity of the song was just right. It didn’t feel over the top but it wasn’t underwhelming. The guitars in the instrumental were extremely catching. The vocals (starting off with that introduction) was extremely nice and showed off some technique which I don’t think the entire group has given to us yet. The chorus was pretty decent but I don’t think that was the standout of the song. I am completely drawn to the rappers in the song. Jooheon and IM do a fantastic job with their segments but the bridge of the song was definitely the amazing bit. It gave the song hype and built up perfectly to the final chorus. Dare I say that I think I found the best rap sequence for 2017? 

But what I think has got everyone talking is Monsta X’s video. It is set in the future (2047 to be exact) and time travel is possible then. And it seems like the way to get through time is by using old-fashion watches, which seemed to be outlawed in the 2047 society, judging by the AI voice in the background at the start. But some of the members end up with the watch. And it seems these members go back in time to specific points. Wonho goes back to a Kendo match, where he battled against Shownu. Kihyun goes back to when Jooheon was killed in a car accident (The Chaser vibes, anyone?) and Minhyuk goes back to when IM was killed.  I am not exactly sure what happened with the Minhyuk and Wonho scenarios but their attempts just didn’t work out. Kihyun, on the other hand, managed to swap places with Jooheon (with the help of Hyungwon, the mysterious and missing time traveller) and he ends up dying instead, as we don’t see Kihyun at the end when Jooheon appears in the broker workplace. A tad confusing but it sounds like a great storyline.

The performance was pretty nice. You could feel the seriousness and focus through their facial expressions. Once again, I don’t think the performance had enough to make it memorable. It isn’t that mind-blowing like their jacket routine earlier in the year with Beautiful.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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