[Review] Shall We Dance – Block B

Block B has returned with a brand new song, Shall We Dance, and mini-album, Montage. It has been almost a year since they last released a song (Yesterday) from the entire group and has been a while since we last saw them on stage. The group has been quite busy with overseas schedules and a number of releases in Japan.

Shall We Dance is a groovy track that attempts to get people up and dancing. I think it is safe to agree that I have not heard of a track like this at all in KPOP. It is different which attracts your attention and you end up giving into your curiosity to enjoy the track. That being said, its uniqueness is a highlight but it could be its downfall. It opens Block B’s portfolio to a wider range of music but it could also mean that many fans and listeners will require some ‘getting used to it’ time, which may or may not help them. But while those are concerns for the song’s performance, it is a lot different on a personal level. The track has its moments but it doesn’t feel like it is building up to much. Instead what we hear at the start of the song is basically the same thing through the rest of the song.  Probably the most interesting element was the vocals (such as those prior to the chorus), which contrasted nicely with the raps. The “Shall We Dance” chorus was also catchy enough to get me listening to the song. I think the foreignness of the track was just so overwhelming.

I like how the video is set in the backstreets or the abandoned areas. That, too, isn’t something you see that often in the music videos designed for the Korean audience. And it just felt like one underground party, where everyone is having fun. There was some seriousness in there but I think there were enough smiles to offset that seriousness (which was somewhat creepy). And Block B did a great job with fitting into the crowd with their hairstyles and outfits. Though there is one thing that I have to say. This mullet trend really needs to go.

Why am I somewhat surprised that they didn’t go for freestyle? While it was pretty nice to watch, asking the question “Shall We Dance” and going with a set routine is a little constricting, in my opinion. I personally think some freestyle flexibility would suit the song more.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 6.5/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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