[Review] Candy – Samuel

Samuel is back with his first full-length album, Eye Candy and the title track, Candy. Samuel is a newly debut soloist who made his debut a few months back with Sixteen. With his debut receiving a lot of attention due to his Produce 101 days, his return has been highly anticipated by many fans.

And I am hugely disappointed with the song. It has a nice sound that would have fit perfectly into 90s music. And for that, the song can be described as upbeat. But for the most part, the song could easily be forgotten for its lack of memorable moments. It doesn’t have strong hooks nor does it have that catchy nature that could have made it addictive. It stays relatively neutral and standard. His vocals are okay but they seemed to be less audible when paired with the upbeat instrumental, which appeared to become a little too overpowering overall. If we were to compare his debut track with this one, Sixteen comes out as a more superior track because it had lines that were catchy and there was a stronger sense of appeal within the song. So to summarise, I am not a fan of the song.

Like the song, the music video falls victim to the ‘standard’ content. There really isn’t much to mention regarding the videos. The sets were great their clothing matched the era that the song is trying to take on (oh, baggy sweatpants). Samuel does look good in the video, I will admit. The video does its best at painting a cool picture of the solo artist. Not sure how some people will react to motorcycle scene, though I hope they won’t misunderstand. It seems to be there for comedic effect.

It is a good performance. Just the song felt more upbeat and his performance didn’t seem to be channelling the same level of energy. It may be due to his selection of singing live over the choreography but the backup dancers seemed to lack the energy as well.

Song – 4/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 4.5/10


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