[Album Review] Perfect Velvet (2nd Studio Album) – Red Velvet

As previously mentioned, Red Velvet made their return with their 3rd major release of the year. It happens to be in the form of their second studio album to date. Everywhere I look, I actually see so many people saying this album to be this year’s best. I don’t actually agree with that. However, I do think it shows that Red Velvet is willing to venture out into genres/sounds that no other KPOP groups are willing to go. And it lands on my recommended list for a few good tracks.

Perfect Velvet Album Cover

1..Peek-A-Boo (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Peek-A-Boo. (9/10)

2. Look (봐)Look didn’t seem to climax or reach a peak. But while that could have a major flaw, it somehow becomes a major feature of the track. I thought it was a smooth dance track with strong retro vibes. The bridge felt very Michael Jackson-esque, which I thought was a great highlight for the track. The only thing that has me looking the other way with this track is the repetitiveness. (8/10)

3. I Just – Once again, the track felt repetitive and the bridge pretty much saved the day by changing up in such an ideal way. I thought the first few seconds of the song were quite appealing but since it didn’t progress much, I got tired of it quite quickly. The track seems to be a much slower form of electro-pop, Overall, it didn’t seem to be my cup of tea. (7/10)

4. Kingdom Come – This song combines RnB and pop into one song and it turns out to be quite amazing. The choppy start was quite awesome and the song seemed to incorporate that throughout the song with the drum beat. This track also showcases their vocal skills in the song, bumping it up to becoming one of the best on the album overall. (9/10)

5. My Second DateMy Second Date is an experimental track that manages to take unexpected twist and turns, such as the unexpected EDM chorus. It gives that intriguing element to the song, making it worthwhile listening to. It may require multiple listens to get used to if you want to listen to something a little ‘out there’. (9/10)

6. AttaboyAttaboy is extremely heavy handed on the hip-hop influences and is dominated by a lot of rap sequences. The vocals give the song much-needed relief. The instrumental is trap based but there is a small part of me that feels it conforms well to the KPOP sound. It isn’t the best track of the album for me but definitely another track to check out if you want to hear something ‘outside the box’. (5.5/10)

7. Perfect 10 – So far we have heard more experimental forms of RnB, Perfect 10 seems to be more of a traditional style of RnB and much slower, might I add. I would like to say the vocal work was great but I felt Red Velvet were more restricted based on the song style rather than skill. There were some trap elements in the background, making the track a little different from other RnB tracks. (8/10)

8. About Love – Not a major fan of this song, as well. It is pretty much a standard song with a jazzy twist. The vocal work pretty made the song, for me. Besides that, I don’t have much else to say. (7/10)

9. Moonlight Melody (달빛 소리) – In the past few reviews, I made several comments regarding ballads ending the album. This is an excellent example of one doing its job at the end of the album. The slower tempo takes things back from the unexpected and ‘crazies’ that featured throughout the album. The track reminded me of One of These Nights, just a lot better. (8/10)

Overall Album Review – 8/10

Screenshot from Peek-A-Boo Music Video

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