[Review] Love Is Gone – MAP6

MAP6 has made their return with a brand new single, Love Is Gone. Their previous comeback was in May with I’m Ready as the main title track. For those who may not be familiar with the group, they come from Dream Tea Entertainment, which also houses Girl’s Day.

MAP6’s return was a little unexpected because I didn’t hear anything in the lead up to the song’s release on Sunday. So it was even more unexpected to hear such a good song from the group. The song, overall, felt similar to songs that Infinite would promote back in the day. The rock elements in the instrumental felt extremely nostalgic. I feel like the song could have done better if those same rock elements were bumped up a notch in terms of volume, which would have played better with the flawless vocals and raps. It would have made the song bullet-proof when it comes to intensity. Instead, the song does dwindle in terms of energy. As mentioned, I thought the vocals and raps were on point. Not once did it feel lacking or empty. That part just before the chorus was my most favourite part of the entire track because it sounded so cool and intriguing. Overall, I think this may just inch into the top as their best song yet.

Matching the rock sounds in the song, they went with an industrial type of concept, which I thought was really cool. They could have done a lot more but what they had done is pretty much sufficient. The grey filter worked perfectly and the setting was awesome. It was mostly choreography shots, with a few ‘close-ups’ of the members, which I thought were nice. It was towards the boring side of the spectrum, but the video felt fitting for the song.

Dance-wise, I thought they did a good job with this performance. I love the consecutive moves at the start when there is that drum ‘solo moment’ at the start (see gif below). Besides that, it just didn’t seem that memorable.


Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 8/10



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