[Review] Heart Shaker – TWICE

TWICE is nominated for Best Female Group and Best Japanese Song by a Korean Artist. Have you supported them in this year’s KPOPREVIEWED Awards? If you haven’t, click here for the poll!

TWICE has returned with their brand new song, Heart Shaker. This song is actually the title track from their repackaged Twicetagram full-length album, which featured Likey as the main title track when it was released back in October. The repackaged album was retitled to be Merry & Happy and you can expect an album review for the entire album sometime in the near future.

Heart Shaker is a decent song. But to me, it is missing that iconic moment that all TWICE songs. You may say that iconic part is the chorus but I would say that lines (such as ‘Shy Shy Shy’ or ‘Me Likey Likey Likey‘) are the parts that everyone knows when it comes to a TWICE song. The ‘You’re My Heart Shaker‘ seems to be the main hook this time but it lacks energy and feels hidden in comparison to the other parts of the song. It does feature an amazing chorus to make up for it. The instrumental feel very KPOP centred, which is a good thing I guess. The vocals are quite nice, with the exception of some members which still catch me off guard every time I listen to the song. The raps are nice but there were moments (such as the intro) that I was not fond of.

I was expecting something Christmas theme (as the title of the album is Merry & Happy) but we got something that was equally as nice. Not exactly fond of the shopping store set but everything else looked quite nice. The editing of the video makes the transitions between scenes quite pleasing to watch and I thought it was quite cool. I did notice the Tyuzu mistake at 2:02 of the music video. The ending where they combine the two TWICE groups completely blew my mind and I wonder how they shot that since they are all overlapping each other. Overall, it was a nice video to watch.

Like the song, it is missing that iconic part. But I thought the choreography during the chorus was good enough, matching the song’s tempo and sounds. I did like how they manage to throw in a sneaky heart sign during the chorus.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8/10



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