[Review] Quit – Jang Wooyoung (2PM)

The End of 2017 Charts have been released and if you haven’t yet to check which song was selected as the Best Song of 2017, click here to check it out!

Last week, Jang Wooyoung teased the start of his promotions for this latest mini-album, Bye, by releasing the pre-release track, Going Going. Now, with the actual min-album officially out yesterday, Wooyoung has powered ahead with his promotions, with the release of the music video for this title track, Quit. He also released a separate music video for Party Shots and a special video for Don’t Act.

Wooyoung takes an unexpected turn with his main title track. Something along the lines of Going Going or Party Shots would have been understandable, but Quit is just completely surprisingly for me. The song starts with an acoustic guitar, strumming out a pretty nice rhythmic piece. Throughout the entire song, the guitar remains as the centrepiece of the instrumental, which is definitely interesting. They did bring out some percussion but it was much more light compared to the instrumental. What the song does best is bring out Wooyoung’s vocals really well, which isn’t something that you get often. It doesn’t feel masked in any way and just makes the song feel raw and pure. Despite the chill vibes from the song, his vocals add the emotional touch to the song. Overall, while it definitely was not the route I expected Wooyoung to go, its unexpectedness just puts the song into a stronger spotlight, in my opinion.

The entire music video is set after a breakup and how it has an affect on a person’s life. It plays nicely with the song and is definitely a toned down concept that mirrors the toned down nature of the song. Despite that, however, the video was more on the boring side of the spectrum. There just wasn’t enough to make me feel that interested in the video.

I suspect this will have a performance to it but we won’t see one before Thursday (if I am not mistaken). I will update this review (and the Block B review) on Thursday or Friday this week.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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