[Review] Gone Cold – MXM

Just a few weeks after making their comeback with Diamond Girl, MXM has returned with a new single, titled as Gone Cold. It is the title track off their special single album, Rematch. This single album serves as a dedication to fans ahead of their upcoming official fan meeting.

Gone Cold is a complete turn around from their Diamond Girl song, which was just literally a few weeks ago. Taking on a more mature and emotional tone, the duo attempts the R&B style of music. And they do a decent job with it. The vocals were nice and the rapping was excellent. I like it when they sing together with that vocalist style, layered on top of the rapper’s deep and husky voice. It isn’t the most impressive song from the duo, mainly due to the fact that lacks a strong enough hook to make it a memorable song. Instead, it just stays very neutral and feels like your standard R&B track. The instrumental was okay but it felt very dry and boring for the most part. While there were some things I liked about the song, the dryness of the song does outweigh its positives. For that, it isn’t a song that I necessarily would go search for but wouldn’t mind it popping up on playlist every now and then.

Watching this video made me realize how youthful they look. I just haven’t noticed this aspect of them until now. It is also ironic how I didn’t notice that they were youthful in their energetic and brighter concepts but rather their mature one. Moving away from that, I found the video to be bland as well. I think I attribute this to the song, however, because I would say differently if the song was a really nice sounding ballad. Despite that, I did like the various camera angles and the fading in and out of the black and white filtering throughout the video.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 5/10
Overall Rating – 5/10 

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