[Review] What Is Love? – TWICE

After another successful year, TWICE has made their first comeback for 2018 with What Is Love?. And that same success may be replicated for the third year straight with the song already topping all the charts in the real-time within just hours of its release. What Is Love? is the title track off their 6th mini-album, which also shares the same title as their lead track.

What actually stands out for me in this song is that it takes on a somewhat more mature sound. It isn’t that they change their signature bright and bubbly sound. But rather, they took out the bubbly in their pop-based instrumental. While that does sound like it is rather typical, I think it is a fresh sound to add to their portfolio of catchy hits. Talking about catchy hits, the first time around, I was a caught off guard with how less catchy the song sounded. The track isn’t your Likey or TT, where the repetition is quite loud and clear. Instead, it takes a step back and while it was a worry, I can confirm that the song does catchy on with multiple replays. The vocals actually sound really good and I really liked the kick the raps gave the song during the bridge. I also liked Jihyo’s start for the final chorus, with it giving me chills. It is a great song, staying within their sound range but still managing to keep it fresh.

The music video seems to reference a few well-known love stories seen in movies. Some examples include Romeo & Juliet, Ghost, She’s The Man (I think) and La-La Land (just to name a few). In many ways, this music video is like TT version 2.0 with the cosplaying. And while I was perplexed with the way they filmed the Heart Shaker video with twice the TWICE members (hahaha), this video puts even more members in the background for some of the scenes. Also, the slight pause (drawn out in the video) really worked with the Jihyo’s part that followed right after. I thought the video was nicely put together and visually, the video looked really nice.

The choreography looks nice. Not as catchy as you would hope but the entire chorus seemed like it was decent enough to still get a mad following. I also really liked the final part of the dance, with the hopping and kicks in the air. I thought that was also quite cool.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

One thought on “[Review] What Is Love? – TWICE

  1. The only thing I didn’t like about the song is the echoing autotune whenever the girls harmonize. It just irritates my ear so much. Other than that, I sort of like this Twice release.


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