[Review] Lo Siento – Super Junior (ft. Leslie Grace)

Super Junior has made their return with their Play repackaged album, which has been appropriately retitled as Replay. Lo Siento is their title track for this new repackaged album, which features Leslie Grace in the official song and KARD’s Jiwoo and Somin in the live performances. For this round of promotions, Heechul has stated beforehand that he is sitting out (despite appearing in the music video), with Siwon rejoining the lineup.

Lo Siento is a nice song. The Latin pop sound provides the song with its backbone and the Korean is layered on top through the lyrics. That being said, all of Leslie Grace’s parts throughout the song was in Spanish, so it was fairly interesting to hear the switch between Korean and Spanish. Do I think it is a good idea? Probably not. since it does get a little confusing at certain points. But what they manage to do a great job is harmonising their parts together, which give the song that extra punch of energy. The song had a groovy chorus, which was quite nice. The repetition of Lo Siento just kept on replaying in my mind, even after the song ended. It could have used some energy to keep it more interesting, particularly towards the end of the song (to change up and keep the song from being too repetitive when it comes to the instrumental). I particularly liked the dance break instrumental, which gave the song some hype and energy to keep us on edge. Vocally, the song was okay. Though I expected some Latin flair on that front. I am personally not a fan of the raps, mainly because they didn’t really ‘move’ me or felt needed.

The music video was okay. I apologise to the audience here for offending them, but I feel like Shindong’s parts in the video looked quite awkward and creepy. Moving on, I thought the video felt relatively standard. There just wasn’t anything captivating or amazing in it. However, I liked the editing of the video, which allowed members to appear multiple times in one scene. I really like the colours palette that they used, fitting into the song perfectly. 

The live performance (which features KARD) was the one thing that I wanted to talk about in this review. I freaking enjoyed it. Instead of the Spanish lyrics, they got the girls to sing in Korean, which was a good move made by their company. The choreography itself was quite nice, with the chemistry between the two teams giving me a reason to continuously rewatch the performance.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.1/10

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