[Review] Honestly – Eric Nam

Making his first album release since 2016’s Interview is Eric Nam with Honestly. The main title track also shares the same name. Despite it being his first mini-album release in 2 years, Eric Nam has still been on stage and released many digital singles. His latest single was Hold Me, which was released around the Christmas season last year. He also released Potion on the same day as his comeback, which I will hopefully review tomorrow.

Honestly brings back the tropical house genre which hasn’t been heard for the past few weeks (I think. I have been a little preoccupied so everything has been wiped from my head). It manages to incorporate his signature vocals into an upbeat sound, which reminds me of his Can’t Help Myself days, which was an evidently fun and bright song to listen to. But with Honestly, the electronic components are ‘held back’ or a lot softer, in terms of intensity, which definitely compliments his vocals. While it did sound generic for the most part, the song still manages to shine through. Particularly the pre-chorus, where his voice was all raspy and he emphasized each word. The end of the song manages to pick the song up. It does feel somewhat incomplete, however, as I did expect a ‘final chorus’ to follow right after that pickup, which now felt a little late. The final ending also felt abrupt, which doesn’t play well in my books. But Honestly is still a decent track to check out, so do listen to it.

The music video was shot entirely in Mexico. And like most internationally shot videos, a lot of emphases is on the landscape or townscape. And Eric Nam was still the centre of attention, so there was a nice balance. The video did, however, feel quite meh. It just didn’t really highlight the song in my opinion and it just wasn’t as breathtaking as other internationally shot videos.

For those who have longtime fans of Eric Nam, seeing him dance is always a weird feeling. He does look somewhat uncomfortable in the performance. The presence of the backup dancers definitely lifted the song’s energy. The final moments when the song does pick up worked well, managing to further push the energy, making it decent to watch.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 6.8/10


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