[Review] Potion – Eric Nam ft. Woodie Gochild

Eric Nam made his return with Honestly last week. But around 18 hours beforehand (this is just a random guess based on my memory), Eric Nam unveiled a pre-released music video for another track on the album, titled as Potion. This song features Woodie Gochild (whom I have never heard before). After a quick Google search, the featuring rapper was a contestant on last year’s Show Me The Money season.

Potion has this Latin feel with what seems like an instrumental that mashes your typical Latin sound with electronic music. The song is quite addictive, with its upbeat vibes being its main driving force. In a way, the chorus also presents itself as a groovy song, which definitely helps make it memorable. The ‘Pour It Up, Pour It Up” line has me a little confused literally but the way it incorporated into the song does give the song some hype. Eric Nam also sounds good but it isn’t his vocal work in the song that I am a fan of. Instead, Woodie Gochild’s featuring rap was amazing It was at a faster pace than the rest of the song, which definitely was a nice contrast to the normal paced music. It also kept the song going and made it become more interesting, preventing the song overall from getting too repetitive. I think Potion might be the better song out of the two (compared with Honestly), mainly due to the rap.

If you are wondering what type of potion Eric Nam is taking, it is the infamous alcohol. My guess is that the alcohol he is drinking is tequila since he is in Mexico. The lighting in the video is an interesting aspect, as some scenes, you can’t really see much. But I think that is a way of making the ‘drunk’ effect more prevalent. During the rap section, we also see Eric Nam ‘dance’, which I thought seemed like a fun scene to film. Overall, I thought it was an okay video, complimenting with the song.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 6.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10

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