[Review] Where Are You From? – FAVORITE

FAVORITE makes their return to the stage with Where Are You From?. This is the group’s first comeback since their debut with Party Time last year and their participation on the YG Entertainment produced survival show, MIXNINE. Where Are You From? is the title track off their second mini-album, which is titled as Love Loves to Love Love.

Where Are You From? is your basic girl group song that we see most girl groups do throughout their career. It is that cutesy and innocent sounding track that is either a complete hit or miss for me. However, I think for the first time ever (or at least, in a long while), their song isn’t a hit or a miss. It is just that typical track. Still listenable to without me cringing but not overthrowing their epic debut song. The song has this funky feel to it, which doesn’t cease to stop throughout the entire song. The verses were rather plain but I did like the slightly autotuned pre-chorus, which made the song sound somewhat quirky and appealing. The chorus was nice but it didn’t have a strong hook to really gain my attention. The vocal work was decent. The raps were probably the most disappointing section of the song. The added cutesy rap delivery doesn’t really do it for me and feels like the most cringest part of the song. I stand my first comments. It isn’t either amazing nor terrible. Just a good track to listen to.

I have no clue what is going on in the video. They seem to be on a spaceship, with one of the members playing with a toy plane. It drops and its results the girls being transported to another sandy planet with pink cacti.  Being the optimistic bunch, they seem to settle onto the planet just fine and observing both the plane that crashed and their surroundings. One member encounters a fox human though… The rest of the video just doesn’t add anything else to the story. It is these videos that have ridiculous music videos that I tend to stay away from, mainly because they just don’t make much sense and just a way for the group to look exaggeratedly cutesy. Sorry but the video just wasn’t for me.

Their accompanying choreography was okay. Not mindblowing nor boring. Rather, just good, like their song. Though, I was more interested in listening to the song rather than watching the performance.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 5/10
Overall Rating – 6/10


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