[Review] Fake Love – BTS

This is currently the most anticipated comeback of the year thus far. BTS has returned with their 3rd full-length album, Love Yourself: Tear and the title track, Fake Love. The group is due to make their comeback stage at the Billboard Music Awards this upcoming Sunday, where they are nominated for Top Social Artist for the second year in the running! Not only is this an achievement for both BTS and ARMY, but this is an achievement for KPOP as well! But I am here to review Fake Love, so let’s get on with it!

Fake Love lives up to its hype. Majority of songs that tend to be hyped up end up falling flat and I think this is the first time that it hasn’t. What sets this apart from their previous title tracks is their vocals and rapping. You can hear the emotions pouring into the song. The singers sound amazing yet there is a sense of heartbreak in their voice. The rapping was powerful yet very fragile. Come together with the instrumental, it leaves you speechless (at least for me). The song mixes trap with grunge rock (according to Soompi) and while the combination does sound foreign, it fits into their long list of songs. The chorus was interesting, how it was split across the song. The second half of the chorus, ‘Fake Love’ repetition was heard earlier in the song, while the first half was heard after. I am not too sure if I am describing correctly but that is how I understood the structure. The chorus was addictive, with the ‘Fake Love’ repetition building up inside my head. It does irk me somewhat with the pronunciation of the word ‘Fake‘, which they make it sound like it is two syllables. But that is how Korean’s usually speak (i.e. emphasis on each syllable). All in all, the song is quite promising and definitely has what it takes to a world player.

I just want to start off by saying that literature and art is not my strong point. But there is a lot of visual aspects that allude to both forms which I am not 100% on talking about. From what I can gather from the video itself and the teasers is that the video talks about fear. Each member has a fear (such as V with technology and Jimin with water). Jungkook seems to be the most interesting, with a fear of the darkness and possible the past (seen by his running away from the collapsing floor). Over the course of the video, we see each member come to terms with their fear. Though I am not sure where the video goes from there. I would love to read theories, so please comment with any that you find interesting. Overall, the video was extremely well done. From the aesthetic to that amazing post-production editing for Jungkook’s running, this video nails that artistic vibe in an interesting wall. I liked the sets and their outfits. The only I strongly dislike is their hair for this video. It doesn’t look too good from what I am seeing.

The performance (from what can be seen) looked amazing. From the very start, all their moves looked so good. I really like how chaotic their move and formation got when it came to the ‘Fake Love‘ repetition which matched the overall vibe of the song at that moment. The start did look funny though.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.3/10

2 thoughts on “[Review] Fake Love – BTS

  1. Actually the part where Jungkook is running and the grounds collapsing isn’t a post production scene it’s real and it’s the same fro Jimin and the water !!! I was so surprise !!! Thanks for your review and sorry for my broken english …


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