[Review] Wake Me Up – TWICE

Recently making their return to Japan is TWICE with Wake Me Up. They just wrapped up their promotions for their expectedly popular What Is Love? and have gone forth with a new song already! This is the group’s 3rd Japanese single and their second comeback in Japan for 2018 (the first being Candy Pop).

While it does have that catchy beat and simple hook that may get you singing along, the song doesn’t really feel that special. Instead, it feels mediocre and very typical, at best. The song started off with chanting (and this repeated throughout the song) and it felt quite cheesy, which left a lasting (not-so-great) impression on the rest of the song. It does sound quite childish, come to the think of it. The lyrics seem to have a supportive message. But given the cheesy nature of the song, I just can’t help to connect with the song. The instrumental, which felt very poppy, just feels a little disconnected with the song. Instead of going hand-in-hand, they just simply felt like they were layered underneath the vocals. Vocally, the song isn’t that bad. They sounded decent. The rapping was okay, not their absolute best. If I were to pick one moment that I thought was the best was Mina’s ‘dramatic life‘ line. 

What I did like about the video was how high definition it was. I know, it says a lot about me. The video centres around Chaeyoung, who is editing the video for uploading. I guess even the top KPOP stars have to make some sort of living when they aren’t promoting. Hahaha… Besides that, there isn’t much else to the video.

The choreography, at least, looks like it was the most decent part of the whole comeback. It looked quite fun and the members looked like they enjoyed the entire routine, which in turn, speaks volume in its presentation and energy. It isn’t the next TT or Likey but it does the job just fine.

Song – 4/10
Music Video – 5/10 
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 4.9/10

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