[Special] LOOΠΔ Predebut Solo Song Reviews – Part 4

Please note these special posts are designed to be long and may require some time to read (if you plan on reading the entire post). To help shorten the length, the music video will be inserted as hyperlinked titles, so feel free to click the title of each section to watch the video.

After multiple requests about LOOΠΔ and reviews for their pre-release singles, it is time to start focusing on what seems to be a very promising girl group. Each Wednesday for the month of May, I will be releasing a special set of reviews for the LOOΠΔ members, which will focus on both their main and side-tracks as well.

LOOΠΔ is a 12-member girl group under Blockberry Creative. While they have yet to officially debut, their pre-debut promotion is extremely unusual. Starting in October 2016, each month a new member of the group is unveiled to the public. This continued until the end of March 2018. And with the completion of this pre-debut promotions, the group will be preparing and gearing up for their official debut which has been rumoured to be October this year.

Once I heard the project, I decided to wait for all the songs to be released (similar to what I did with previous project releases). I just didn’t anticipate for it to be such a long wait, as they also unveiled subunits made up of the already revealed members along the way, which drew the project out even longer. Talking about subunits, this is not the first time I have spoken about LOOΠΔ, as I have taken some time out to review and look closely to their subunit releases, which you can find out below.

LOOΠΔ 1/3 – Love & Live & Sonatine
LOOΠΔ Odd Eye Circle – Girl Front & Sweet Crazy Love

Today’s post will look at the side tracks that were released alongside the main tracks for the final 6 members. I couldn’t find any music videos for these songs, so the reviews may appear shorter.

Love Letter (Jinsoul & Kim Lip)


Jumping right at me for this song is how well the song flows. And with that, there was also a very delicate feel to the song. I liked how the vocals from the two members were brought out, highlighting their potential well. At first, I thought the song could have had a bolder drop into the chorus. However, what we got seemed to compliment their vocals quite well and I am satisfied with it. I particularly liked the twinkling sounds just before the chorus. On the other hand, I am not a major fan of the verses, which felt dull. And the poor English. But other than that, it was a decent song.

Puzzle (Jinsoul & Choerry)


The song had an exotic vibe to it, which I thought was nice. Once again, the vocals do jump out at me. But rather their normal pitch vocals didn’t do much of the screaming. Instead, the falsetto which they sang the chorus with stood out really well. However, while I do praise their singing, I am a little conflicted how it went with the instrumental. The vocals built up and you can hear the contrast between the different sections. The instrumental fell flat when it should have carried the vocals further. The whispering raps were too soft for my liking, as they could easily be missed. But it did offer some more texture to the song.

D-1 (Yves)


In contrast to her main track, new, D-1 manages to bring out the more delicate vocals that Yves didn’t really get to show. There is a mixture of singing and rap-speaking, which shows off some versatility. The song is honestly too dry for my taste. However, it did feel like something that Lim Kim or Jang Jane would release with their nasal vocals. I did like the harmonies with the background vocals and the indie-changeup during the bridge. I also liked her falestto note, which peaked the song nicely.

Girl’s Talk (Chuu & Yves)


We start to enter some grey area with the next few songs. I personally thought the vocals for this track was too light and high-pitched, in comparison to the rest of the songs on this list. The song does have a pop-diva type sound (almost disco with a modern twist), which was one likeable element. I really liked Yves rapping. It was limited but sounds awesome. I felt like the song was missing a breakdown, which could have given the song some life and appeal. Maybe it is because I put a lot of emphasis on the vocals, that I don’t really feel like they appeal to me in this song.

See Saw (Go Won & Chuu ft. Kim Lip)


Two things liked about this song: the opening vocals for all three members (Chuu was the best sounding overall in the entire song) and the drop into the chorus. The rest of the song just didn’t have enough for me to like. The chorus could have been more dynamic and filled more with content to become more catchy and appealing. Same could be said about the instrumental. I am not too sure why Kim Lip featured in the song, as she seemed to only get one line. Someone said that her line linked back to her song but I just don’t see the necessity to feature someone just for one line.

Rosy (Go Won & Olivia Hye ft. Heejin)


The final song I will be reviewing for the entire LOOΠΔ predebut project is Rosy. And I am glad it ends on a good note. The song contains youthful vocals that do sound quite cute, something that we didn’t get to see in either of Go Won’s or Olivia’s main tracks. The harmonies were nice. The bridge was my favourite part as it sounded quite random and quirky. Likewise, the instrumental on the end gives it a lasting impression and it also adds to the quirky side of the song.

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Thank you all for reading the final part of my very late LOOΠΔ Solo Pre-debut reviews. I will be back with a new special segment in two weeks time, so click the follow button below so you know when it is out!

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