[Review] Dramatic – NTB

NTB (Naughty Boys) made their debut on Monday last week. Despite having an odd meaning to their name, they are a 6 member boy group who are currently under One World Entertainment. The members include L.Min, Seowoong, G.O (not associated with the MBLAQ G.O),  Youngbo, Jaeha and Hyobin. Their debut title track, Dramatic, features on their first mini-album, also titled Dramatic.

For some odd reason, I did expect something along the lines of a dramatic sounding song. However, I should have known better that KPOP doesn’t always follow literal meanings. Instead, the group debuts with a song full of electronic synths and explosive-like sounds. The instrumental was really good for the song and it is one of the factors that drew me to the song. Initially, I thought the song was quite underwhelming. However, multiple listens after had me enjoying the instrumental. I also thought the vocals were good, particularly the final line of each chorus where the main vocalist goes into the higher pitch. I thought the raps were good but it didn’t necessarily feel like a strong aspect of the song. The launch into the final chorus, with the various pauses and delays, made it song end on a good note. While I do personally like the song, I don’t think it really sets them apart from other groups. There isn’t anything ‘new’ in this song.

There seems to a visual trend going around in some of the KPOP music videos. I think this is the third music video released just this month where filming took place on top of a building, in this case, a helicopter pad. At this rate, helicopters won’t be able to land in South Korea. Though I have to be honest, the video does take in great scenery shots, which I thought made the video feel enjoyable. Particularly at the end of the song (just when we get into the final chorus), if there were nighttime scenes with fireworks, I think the video would have been perfect for the song. But overall, it was a good video to watch.

Based on the performances I watched for this review, I wasn’t sure if this was meant to be a happy type of performance or just your typical ‘serious’ boy group performance. They had very stern and serious facial expressions at the start but once the chorus kicked in, it felt very lighthearted and smiles were flying right left and centre. The dancing was good, especially the second half of the chorus!

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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