[Review] Light – Wanna One

Wanna One has returned with a brand new special album, 1 ÷ x = 1 (Undivided). Following their hits earlier in the year, I.P.U and Boomerang, the group has returned with the title track, Light.  The special album (which I will review) features 4 other tracks produced by different and well-known producers. Each track contains different members, so it is going to be interesting. But that will be for the album review as we refocus back on their comeback title track, Light.

Light falls in line with their past tracks. It is dance track that features trap synths in the background. The first initial listen did feel a little underwhelming but the song has definitely grown on me within hours of its release. I particularly like the vocals in the song but it stands out the most in the opening moment of the song. I really liked the flick upwards in the final syllables in some of the lines. The song buildup was nice, pairing well with the raps. Unfortunately, I think the chorus was a little too straightforward and I feel like they could have made it different somehow to make it pop more. While the ending did work, a part of me feels like they could have eased off instead of going out abruptly. Despite that, the song was still quite good and it has landed on the replay playlist for this week!

When it comes to the music video, I was disappointed. For a group of this popularity, I expected them to go all out with each music video. Personally, I thought the choreography shots were good. However, they were quite limited. The rest of the video consisted of closeup shots of the members staring at the light and then running towards it. There wasn’t anything going on besides that really kept me interested. The feature image I chose (that section of the video) was the one part that had to be cringing though because you can tell it was filmed on a green screen a mile away. I am used to videos doing it in a more polished manner, which ends up looking good. That wasn’t felt much here.

The performance was quite good. They take a more sensual approach with their slow hip thrust for the chorus. While hip thrusting has been done before, it looks and feels completely different in this performance, which is a great thing. I also liked the contrast between the fast-paced music and the slower yet powerful dance moves. They pair well together and it makes for a good choreography.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 6.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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