[Review] Clover – LONGGUO ft. Yoo Mi Rae

With the recent disbandment of JBJ, a few of the members have announced that they will be launching their solo careers. Jin Longguo is the first member to embark on a solo career post-JBJ, with his solo debut track dropping earlier today, titled as Clover. It features very well known hip hop artist Yoo Mi Rae. For those who don’t know Longguo is one-half of the duo Longguo & Shihyun and is currently under Choon Entertainment.

Clover is a decent R&B track. It isn’t the best track out there but it is still something that I wouldn’t mind putting on every now and then to unwind. The R&B vibes that come from this track do put you in an easing state, with the instrumental being its main driver. His vocals, while they were good at some points, it felt like he was pushing himself at other parts. His section of the bridge (before final chorus) was probably his best moment. The song wasn’t that memorable, with his chorus not being that catchy, despite the presence of the repetition of the song’s title. I did like Yoo Mi Rae’s featuring, as her voice compliments this R&B style so well. I also liked how her sections did not feel like it was going overtake Longguo’s vocals as her past songs may be indicative of her potential to overtake. Overall, it was okay.

The music video was kind of dry for my taste. But I felt like the music video complimented the song nicely, fitting in with its laidback vibe. I like how the colours of the video and the clothing that he wore were also fitting for that vibe. There just wasn’t anything else engaging about the music video to really make me want to watch it.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6.6/10

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