[Review] Deja Vu – NU’EST W

After topping the charts with their previous comeback, NU’EST W has returned to do it all over again. The subunit makes their return with their second mini-album, WHO YOU, and the title track Deja Vu. In preparation for their comeback, I noticed their fans have been actively streaming their past hits such as Where You At and Yeobseyo (Hello). The music video for this comeback was also released later than 6PM KST, for unknown reasons (or at least, I don’t know why).

Deja Vu is another song adding to the growing list of Latin pop songs. However, it is unlike any other Latin pop song. Instead, there is a particular feel to the song that makes it unique. It might because it uses various synths that also makes it feel like it mashed into EDM somewhat. Or rather the chorus isn’t overloaded with bass or an explosive drop, allowing the guitar to feature more prominently. I really like the melody to the song and the instrumental of the song. I thought the vocals were really nice, especially when they perform in an almost high pitch during the chorus. I thought JR’s rap was good but I think his section could have had a little more momentum for the better. Overall, the song does standout due to its sound and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have no clue on what is going on in this video which is a common occurrence nowadays. And as much as I try to understand the video, they just keep throwing more things at me to confuse me even more. However, that intrigues me a lot more and would love to hear some of the theories of the video. My gut instinct says that this video is connected to some of their past videos due to the presence of the sword and some of the sets. But I am not sure if this is even remotely correct. Other than the plotline, there are some other details which I liked. For example, the fake rooftop where we saw their silhouettes dancing and the very start where they are all dancing the same moves (just in different areas). It all looked cool.

I really liked the start of the performance where they are doing the same moves (there is something so graceful about that short period) and when they start singing (i.e. JR’s moment in the first verse with Aron interacting with him, moving to JR interacting with Ren). I also liked the slow footwork throughout the performance, which was emphasised greatly in the music video.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

Writing this review, I had a brainwave. A young goat is called a kid. So is the young girl (which we can refer to as a young kid) in the video the goat?


2 thoughts on “[Review] Deja Vu – NU’EST W

  1. The music video release was delayed because there was a showcase going on from 8pm til 9pm, and so Pledis simultaneously released the MV on YouTube and showed it at the end of showcase at 9pm exactly, so all fans could enjoy together 🙂

    You should definitely check out the choreography for the song, it’s really sensual and captivating!
    In relation to plot, we’re speculating that this is the ACTUAL continuation of Overcome – Love Paint saga (rather than Where You At which was technically a rushed comeback due to unexpected rise in popularity after PD101 ended). I haven’t looked up the theories yet, but I have some thoughts on mind~

    Hope this information was helpful!


    1. Thank you for the information. Didn’t know the showcase was still going on (I saw pictures of it in the early evening, so I assumed it ended already). The choreography was great. Very sensual and different (like the song).

      The continuation of Overcome and Love Paint sounds interesting. The white room set in Deja Vu reminded me of Love Paint, while the snowy ending (and presence of the sword) reminded me of Overcome. Never knew they were connected tho, so this could be potentially mind blowing for me 🤣🤣

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