[Special] Music Video Theories: Introduction

If you read my reviews, you will notice that I have an entire section for the music video for each comeback. But what you may notice is that my interpretation of the music video is shockingly terrible (mainly because I am writing and posting the review within hours of its release – no time for research). In many cases, I don’t really talk about how they connect with other music videos. So, I have decided to go back to some music videos (particularly the videos in a series) and re-interpret them myself.

So how am I going to do this? Well, it consists of rewatching each music video and making thorough notes on the details of the video, which should allow me to form some understanding of the video. It will also involve reading up on theories which other fans have released. This will help me solve gaps in my interpretation of the music video, mainly because I am not well-versed in literature, arts and the artistic side of the English language. I will link the theories that I look at and take from at the end of each post.

The basic layout will have me recapping the events of the music video and various connections to other videos. I do some comparisons between my recount of events and other theories so it is easier for you to differentiate what is different with mine, while also showing you how I interpreted the video.

This is just my opening post that introduces the entire segment as I rather just jump right into the theory and avoid wasting your time with a repetitive introduction. Judging from the featured image, you might be able to guess which artists I will be having a closer look at. The schedule (which may change) will occur as follow:

27th of June – GOT7 Arrival Trilogy [ Part 1 / Part 2 ]
18th of July – Monsta X The Clan Trilogy
1st of August- Dream Catcher Quadrilogy
15th of August – LOONA Pre-debut Music Videos Theory
29th of August – UNB Sense Music Video

For the time being that is what the current lineup for this segment will be. Due to the work and time that is being put into these posts, I can only do 6 for now. If there are any music videos that you want me to do theories for, feel free to comment below and I may return to do another set at the end of the year.



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