[Special] Music Video Theories – GOT7 Flight Trilogy – Part 2

Please note that this theory may not be right and is just my understanding/take on the video. This is also a very, very long post!


Welcome to my theory for GOT7’s Flight Trilogy, which was released over the 2016-2017 period. A total of 6 videos formed this theory (Departure Trailer, Fly, Turbulence Trailer, Hard Carry, Arrival Trailer and Never Ever).

For this theory, it will be extremely tedious to write out each member’s name. So I will be using the following key when referring to the members:

MK – Mark
JB – Jaebum (JB)
JS – Jackson
JY – Jinyoung
YJ – Youngjae
BB – Bambam
YG – Yugyeom

Hard Carry Music Video


All members outside of car, with JY the only member suck inside car

Throughout this video (and Never Ever) we get a glimpse into what happened during the accident.  The first thing we see in this video is the members at the wreckage site. Firstly, notice how we don’t see a plane but rather a car, which suggests that in this scenario, the plane represents the car. Secondly, every member is outside of the car with JY being the only member stuck in the car. Given that only JY survived, it is likely that the rest of the members returned to save JY but perished in the process.

The following I didn’t pick up until I watched the YouTube link and read some of the other theories below. We see JS on the plane, which suggest he may have died in the vehicle. BB grabs onto the oxygen mask in the ambulance, suggesting he died on route to a hospital. JB’s surroundings (floating green trees) suggest he made it to the surface but went back to save the others. He is later seen surrounded by the same trees but they are dead. JY, in the midst of this, starts to float up like how JB does in the Departure trailer but is dragged back down by the members (which confirms that the members went back).

JY flies up like how JB does in the Departure Trailer, but is pulled down by the other members right after

MK, during the second verse, is seen only in the plane wreckage, suggesting that he may have gotten stuck when trying to save JY (this becomes a little more clearer in the Never Ever video). YG was seen outside of the wreckage (which becomes an important detail in the next video). Note that both MK and YG’s scenes alternate between the plane and car wreckage. In JB’s next scene (with the dead trees), we also see him opening the bird cage and getting into the bird cage, which instantly transitions of YJ’s scene where he takes out the bird (which confirms that JB dies as well). We also see for a very small fraction of a second worth of YJ and the birdcage at the wreckage site (with YJ in white). In my culture, white is commonly worn as the colour of mourning. But I am not sure if this is relevant.

JB was previously in the same scene with green trees. Here, the trees are dying.

JY is in a box filled with water, representing the car filling up with water. YJ is outside of the box (in the ocean) and smashes the glass (i.e. break a window) to get JY out. From the Departure trailer, YJ flies first so he dies first. Hence, this very act caused him to lose his life. The other members (apart from YJ) swims to JY to help him.

YJ smashing the glass box in which JY is trapped inside of

Hard Carry is filled with different details which may look very complicated. But once you kind of list things as they happen in the video, you see bits and pieces come together. One of my working theories is that YJ represented teamwork in this (and Never Ever) as when he smashes the window, all the members come along to help JY. While this is plausible, I may have put too much thought into the one scene, hence why I didn’t include it into the main section.

Never Ever Music Video

I skip to the Never Ever video because it follows on from the Hard Carry video. The Arrival Trailer seems to occur after and concurrently with the Never Ever video. 

The video starts off with JB inside a car on the passenger side, filled with plants. But no one is driving. This suggest that JB had no control over the van prior to the accident. We then see JY inside the car, surrounded by plants. If you skip forward, JY is in a similar glass box as Hard Carry, surrounded by plants. Hence, the glass boxes represents the confines of the car. We also see MK with the reflection of water on his face, standing outside the car (which goes back to MK dying in/next to the plane wreckage while saving JY). Finally, JS’s impact with the wall occurs at the same time as the car/van makes impact with the bridge, which is also the same bridge which the group was driving along in the first video.

JS breaks concrete wall on impact

At the end of the first chorus, we see JB drowning on the outside of the car, alongside the sinking car, which confirms that he drowned. We then see YJ (dressed in white) smashing the glass once again, with MK being the one to save JY this time around. After smashing the glass, we do see YJ unable to do much because he is on the other side of the fence, which prevents him from helping MK, which confirms his final actions were the ones that killed him.

MK swimming to save JY

In the bridge and final chorus, we focus more on the hospital scenes (i.e. aftermath of the rescue mission). Only YG, BB and JY appear here. BB is shown to breathing through another gas mask, suggesting he died due to lack of air. YG seems to be the only member (other than JY) to make it to the hospital bed but dies while the staff are trying to save him (shown through the transition between the two), while the video ends with JY waking up once again. There is something about his face that has me thinking that he finally works out what happened to the other members.

BB and the gas mask
YG in the hospital hallway

So here is an extremely quick rundown of the order of events, which doesn’t make that much sense, out of all honesty. Car goes underwater, all the members (excluding JY) gets out. YJ realizes JY is left behind and goes back to smash the windows to get him out but dies along the way. JS dies next, for unknown reasons. BB most likely drowned but does get picked up by some rescuers, who are unable to save him. JB makes it to shore but realizes what is happening to the members, so he goes back in to search for them. MK goes back and saves JY by going through the hole created YJ. MK’s successful rescue attempt manages to get JY out but he gets stuck and drowns as a result. YG manages to get rescued but dies on route/at the hospital. It is presumed that JB got lost while still searching for the others but no one can find him. As a result, he is presumed to have died. 

That is my understanding of the order of events. JB dies last as shown by his scene with the 5 birds in the Departure trailer. JS’s death is the only one that doesn’t fit the timeline exactly. We can assume his impact with the concrete shown in this video signifies he died on impact but that would mean he is the first to die (whereas YJ is shown to die first with JS following shortly after). It is plausible that the impact caused his injuries which lead to his death (assuming that the impact collision hindered his possibility of swimming back to the surface). 

Arrival Trailer

The end of the entire trilogy seems to be presented in the Arrival Trailer. Note that parts of this video occurs concurrently with the events in Never Ever (i.e. mainly the following paragraph).

JY washed up on the beach, alone

JY wakes up on the beach and realizes he is alone. This scene is a little ambiguous as it could be the scene in which he makes it to shore. Using this thought process, he remembers the events in the water, which leads to the written commentary of ‘I was trapped’. He also says ‘I failed’, which seems to be in reference to him not being able to get to his friends. The more likely scenario of what is happening can be told through the line ‘I don’t exist anymore’, as he believes he is in limbo (and why the video seems to emphasis the loneliness of JY in this scene). This is further proven by the next scene, where he wakes up in the hospital (same ending as the Never Ever video).

JY wakes up in the hospital

We then move back to JY in the snow. The following commentary is given. ‘Most people when they fail, they just give up and don’t challenge themselves. But I’m different. I will never give up. I am not afraid of anything because you were there. I am ready to fly‘. We then see the other members playing off in the distance with JY noticing them and looks at them from a distance. There is a smile on his face.

JY smiling while watching the others
GOT7 members (excluding JY) having fun in the snow

The above scene could easily be a message for fans to not give up, even during life’s hardest moments. It also shows JY commitment to continue living, as he has everyone around him, even though they are not physically there. But I think otherwise. I think JY is still barely holding on and that he still slips in and out of consciousness. He has only seen the other members in one scenario, when he was in danger of dying (i.e. unconscisouness). Hence, the only possible way for him to see them is if he is unconscious. But in all of the other scenarios, JY directly attempted to help them or be with them (i.e. getting up on the plane, struggling to get out of the confines of the box, jumping off the building to fly). The other members saved him in each scenario (JY waking up at the end of each scenario). So rather than trying to be with them in the moment, he learns that this around he has to accept death, whenever it comes. This does mean he gets to live but accepting death is the only way he can one day join them, without alerting the others to his dangers. 

And that is my take on the Flight trilogy. What do you think of the music videos and the storyline?

One thought on “[Special] Music Video Theories – GOT7 Flight Trilogy – Part 2

  1. Links that I used (apart from the m/v and trailers):

    GOT7 – Flight Log Trilogy Analysis (https://beat.media/got7-flight-log-trilogy-analysis)
    Flight Log Trilogy Theory (https://aminoapps.com/c/k-pop/page/blog/flight-log-trilogy-theory/BYIw_unQMvoKpn8Qw8xoxX1dmpj0n)
    GOT7 flight log: FULL STORY (departure+turbulence+arrival) THEORY EXPLANATION (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT4DASzSUhA)
    GOT7 flight log: BIRD STORY (explanation) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Klw3h3Rc494)

    All images are taken from the music videos and the trailers. For the link to the m/v & trailer playlist:


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