[Review] Let Me – Golden Child

Golden Child is a boy group that I am keeping my eye out for. I am a major fan of their It’s You title track from their earlier promotional run in the year and was super excited when they followed up with their awesome Lady b-track. And now they are back with their 1st single album, Goldenness, which features their latest title track, Let Me.

Let Me has a similar feel to a Summer pop track released by Western boy group (i.e. One Direction). And while I am not a fan of songs released by these certain groups. Golden Child does a pretty good job with it. The song seems to be infused with a bit of rock which can be heard during the chorus of the song. The vocal work was pretty good, with the bridge standing out the most. But I think this song let the rappers shined more. Sure, the rappers are limited sections. But I felt that their parts were extremely dynamic, particularly how there was an addition of a siren-like synth (in the background) paired with the rap sections. The “Let Me Let Me” felt like it was repeated one too many times in the song, though I may have an inkling that it might become a really addictive hook after a few more listens. Other than that, Let Me is a really good Summer song.

Suiting their image thus far, the group has returned with a fun concept, which is also bright, colourful and well-suited for Summer. It seems like the members start off by trying to impress a cute girl. As the video goes on, I noticed that she doesn’t appear anymore and the video is more of the boys having fun. I thought the snapshots that were taken throughout the video was really cool and the members looked cute throughout those parts. I really like the background which they used throughout the video. The sports theme appears once again through the on-field location that they use, while the indoors locations looked very stylish and it would be somewhere I would like to hang out.

There doesn’t seem to be much choreography scenes within the music video that actually focus on the choreography (or that many wide shots for that matter). As a result, I will update the performance section of this review tomorrow once a live performance is released.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – TBA
Overall Rating – 8.4/10


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