[Review] She Bad – MYTEEN

It has been a while but MYTEEN is back with their first comeback, She Bad. For those who don’t know MYTEEN, they are a seven-member boy group who made their debut last year with Amazing. While they haven’t had much activity since their debut, they did participate in the now-failed MIXNINE survival show.

She Bad starts off with these distorted/muffled sounds that really grab your attention. While it does kind of tell you that there would be an upbeat nature with the song, the opening verse does a really fantastic job at easing you into the song. With promising vocals and an awesome slow-ish rap section at the very start, the song gives you a taster to what is in store. But while I praise the verses, the more interesting section is actually the chorus. It doesn’t really take you in the direction that you would expect, particularly after that buildup during the pre-chorus. Instead, it takes a more minimalistic approach in terms of instrumentation and allows the vocals to take reins of melody. I would like to have heard some more bass to give the chorus that extra bit of appeal but it was definitely quite cool. And that is just the 1st minute of the song. The rest of the song falls in line pretty nicely. The only other aspect that I personally thought could have made the song better if the song developed a little more towards the end to create some instensity.

I thought the video was equally as interesting as the song. The members kidnapped by their lover escape from their confinements throughout the video. There were certain shots throughout the video which I thought was really well done. For example, the start when the vocalists were blindfolded and on the floor. I thought that was a really good angle and lighting. Likewise, the scene where the member is taping the statue’s mouth had equally good lighting. Only thing that seemed to be out of place were the outfits that they wore. Didn’t necessarily fit the vibe of the video. But other than that, good video.

Really liked the choreography during the chorus. I thought it looked rather cool and sensual, which I think would appeal to the likes of many fangirls/boys. Also liked how they got into the single line during the second pre-chorus and the way they got into the diagonal formation during the bridge. Overall, it was good to watch.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10 

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