[Review] Grapes – Busters

Around a month ago, Busters made their comeback. But who is Busters? This is my first time reviewing them/hearing of them as well, so let’s find out. Busters is a 5-member girl group (consisting of Minji, Hyeongseo, Jisu, Minjung and Chaeyeon) under JTG Entertainment. All members were born after 2000 (and you can see more of their profiles here). They made their debut at the end of November 2017 with Lalala and Dream On.

But we are here to have a closer look at their Grapes comeback, which was released in June 2018.  The song is your typical cutesy KPOP song from a girl group. What do you expect from a song that relates sweetness of a grape to the love that the members can give? But while it does suit the youthful energy that the members have, the song is somewhat cringy at certain moments. However, multiple listens after, I am drawn to the song for its chorus. I thought the way the chorus was presented was extremely catchy and it soon became a very addictive song on my playlist. The verses weren’t that special, being the most skippable moments of the song. The chorus also provided some strong vocals. I am not exactly sure how the use of the synth in the post-chorus compliments the song but it works. Overall, it is a good song with some notable flaws. But definitely a great introduction to the group.

The music video was definitely quite crisp and I appreciate the high quality it was shot in. The concept seemed to be a commercial for a new soda brand called Grapes, which I think is quite creative. I think their use of green screen and special effects is probably one of the best in the industry, which is quite surprising since they come from a smaller/unknown company. The rest of the video consisted of choreography and cute close-ups, so I don’t have much else to say about the video.

I wasn’t impressed with the choreography. It looks typical and doesn’t set them apart from the rest of the competition. The most memorable part would have to be the start of the chorus but it was honestly still quite forgettable.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 4/10
Overall Rating – 6.7/10

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