[Review] Egotistic – Mamamoo

Two of my most favourite groups are making their return on the same day! This is getting a little too much to handle. But we are for Ma-ma-moo~! Mamamoo has returned with their Summer comeback, Egotistic, the main title track off their 7th mini-album, Red Moon. Mamamoo previously made their comeback earlier this year with Starry Night and they seem to be continuing on with their exotic flair concept with this comeback.

Egotistic brings on the Latin flair to a whole new level (with the basis being their Starry Night comeback). And it is an extremely powerful song, which I think plays towards their strengths. I say that because paired with the powerful vibes is the strong vocals we associate with the group. I really did like the guitars in the instrumental and liked how they managed to incorporate some change at the final moments by adding some electric guitar, which I felt was expected. What was rather unexpected was the reggae vibes the song managed to incorporated for Moonbyul’s rap in the second verse. It isn’t something that I would associate with the Latin flair but it worked really well. The chorus was super catchy and definitely making it on my playlist! I think the most impactful moment of the song was the final moments of the pre-chorus, which the members sing-speaking the ‘Egotistic’ title with the accompanying grunt.

Egotistic is a video that catches you off guard and you don’t know where to look after viewing the first few scenes (with the lyrics kick in). That is exactly what I felt when I first watched the video today. The video was extremely sexy, which was somewhat unexpected (though I should have paid more attention to the teasers, to be honest). The concept plays well with the song’s sound, going in with Latin and quite heavily with the exotic vibes. I really liked the use of fire for the final chorus, which definitely brought up the heat for viewers at home. I particularly liked the dress swirls at the end of the video.

I liked the performance because it looks relatively simple, allowing them to focus on their vocals during the performance. It definitely also played towards the song’s sound and was definitely very fitting. I think to match the overall presence during the music video, the choreography could have been a lot sexier but knowing Korean standards, this is good enough.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

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