[Review] Love U – Kim Chungha

Kim Chungha is back with a summer single, in time to enjoy the sun and heat! We last saw Kim Chungha on stage in January with Roller Coaster, which ended up ranking high on the charts for many weeks, even after her promotions ended! And to continue that run of success, she has returned with Love U, which is the title track off her third mini-album, Blooming Blue.

Just at first glance, the song reminds me of Chungha’s debut track, Why Don’t You Know. It might be the tropical sound that KPOP is still utilising but there is something else that really has me automatically thinking of her debut song. Her song does feel quite refreshing and very upbeat, which in turns suits the Summer season very well. I really like her vocals in the song. Each song she has put shows some growth in that department and this reflects wonderfully for us listeners. I thought the pre-chorus was nice and there was this certain intensity that made it interesting (to an extent). What I do not like about the song is that is plays to her strengths a little too safely. It doesn’t offer anything new or different, which leaves me a little disappointed. While her skill set and abilities are growing, her portfolio isn’t expanding. If she were to release another song of the same nature, I am not too sure if I would be as appreciative of it. But despite that minor concern, it is still a good Summer track to listen to!

Kim Chungha is extremely pretty and I think the video does an amazing job of highlighting this known fact. With the sun shining brightly in the music video and her choice of outfits, the video does a good job of summarising Summer up in a span of 3 minutes. It was a little dry but still decent. I assume in the end, she finds part of the shooting star which shot over the sky at the start of the video.

I find the performance very nice to watch. It doesn’t go for anything too sexy but it isn’t you traditional cutesy dance. Instead, it is well balanced of both extremes. The first word that came to my mind while watching the performance was that is was ‘prance-y’. I loved how the hearts were incorporated into the choreography, which goes to show how something so simple and small can please me.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10


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