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Welcome back to the KPOPreviewed’s music theory segment. It may be so long since I posted my last music video theory (for GOT7) that you have forgotten about the segment, but I am still working on it. For more information on this segment, hop over to the introductory post.

Let’s waste no more time and get on with the segment!

Important Notes

For this theory, I will be referring to the members based on the following code, simply because it is easier to write out.


Code Notes
Shownu SN

Narration Teaser released 7th May 2016


Jooheon JH


Minhyuk MH

Narration Teaser released 26th Sep 2016


HW Narration Teaser released 25th of Sep 2016

Narration Teaser released 6th of May 2016

Some of the members had a narration teaser released prior to the All In and Fighter comebacks, which featured an oath for their X-Clan. A ‘Last Oath’ featuring all members was released prior to the Beautiful comeback. These narration trailers are referenced throughout the theories.

To make it easier, I will be recapping the events surrounding a character (or a group of characters) as this will prevent me from jumping through different stories. I will provide screenshots to help differentiate moments in the storyline.

Anything in italics is more like my interpretation of that detail.

Setting the scene for the video (Start from 0:37)

The Oath, presented in the teaser of Shownu and IM, do set the scene for the clan. SN, establishes the clan’s union and it seems to be the beginning days of the clan.

The story begins with all the members going around the neighbourhood together. It was rather clear during this beginning part that JH is the leader of this group, otherwise known as the X-Clan. Their symbol, X, is shown throughout the videos and will be referred to often.


There are many soldiers wearing black bullying a bunch of old men dressed in white, who seemed helpless against these soldiers. From this, we can see two sides of the field (the black-clothed soldiers – representing the new regime and the white clothing – those that are oppressed by the new regime). The X-clan jumps to their defence and effectively telling the soldiers to go away. HW skips to one of the soldiers and places a blue flower into a soldier’s pocket.


Hyungwon & Minhyuk relationship

HW is tracked down by his father, who is dressed in black (and hence belonging to the regime). HW is humiliated with a slap across the face in front of his friends. MH seems to be shocked but knows something else will happen to his friend.

Note that HW is also wearing black. I assume this is for his connection to this authoritative father. There could be a number of reasons to why HW could have been slapped. His (presumed) sexual orientation, which is hinted later on in the video), he is hanging out with people whom his father deem as the ‘wrong crowd’ or the fact that he has the blue flower (its significance will be touched on later).

MH later finds HW wearing a white mask which covers the bruised and injured face of HW. HW was physically punished for any of the possible reasons above. MH is visibly upset at this revelation and gets up immediately to take revenge against HW’s father.


MH is aided by WH and IM, who go and burn up the father’s house or headquarters. They are successful as the place burns down but his father is saved by some soldiers.



The window features an X symbol, which is the mark left behind representing the X-Clan.

The next day, MH goes to find HW but finds HW’s body in a bathtub. It is presumed that HW’s father killed HW as revenge for burning down his house/headquarters. MH spends some time with HW, before pouring in a vial of the blue liquid into the bathtub and getting into the bathtub alongside HW. It is this scene in which many viewers believe to confirm the homosexual relationship between the pair. The final scene for their story shows HW’s hand, twitching while holding onto MH’s, showing one of the different abilities of the blue flower.



Shownu’s struggle

Alternating alongside HW and MH’s story is SN’s story. Despite being a part of the clan, he visits his sick father in the hospital. While holding the white mask, he contemplates some things and decides that he needs to act.


Judging from the context in which we find the white masked, it is the oppressed side’s symbol of strength as WH and IM wear it upon their crusade and it convinces SN to do something drastic. As for HW’s white mask, I assume he was forced to wear it in a mocking way.

Enlisting the help of JH who gets him a gun, he robs a store for some money presumably for his father’s treatment.


Note that JH, while going along with the plan, ends up stealing something a little more from the store, which I will talk about at a later stage. This is something I found while reading another person’s review.

Shownu goes back to the hospital with the money but finds out that his father is now dead and that his little trip was for nothing. After burning the money, he drinks a vial of the blue liquid.


I assume he got the blue vial from JH and had drunk it due to his unstable nature (i.e. wanted to escape the emotions).

The Clan and the Blue Flower

Between the character’s stories, we see a few scenes of the clan together. I presume this part occurred prior to the events in the video. The blue flower is the common thread throughout all three videos, so it is an important detail.


The blue flower can become a drug. When it is in liquid form, there seems to be an intoxication effect as shown by the members. It is assumed that the members take the liquid drug to forget their negative emotions and struggles. Hence, this could be the reason why this is shown during the events mentioned above. Also, it also saves lives as seen in the relationship between HW and MH.


The flower is a Delphinium flower, based on other people’s theories. However, for the rest of the theory posts, I will be referring to them as ‘blue flower’. This is due to a lack of time I have today to go back and update everything.

The War (Back to the start of the video)

I think this occurs after all the events above and that HW is alive alongside the other members during the start of the war. While defending their people, they seem to get split up.

Going right to the beginning of the video, it opens up with 3 members (JH, WH and IM) running through a destruction caused by a war (possibly between the black-clothed regime and oppressed wearing white). We then see MH finding HW once again, who is possibly dead from the war. MH feeds him the flower, which is presumed to save this life once again.



At the end of the video, we see all the members regrouping and running away from one common enemy (assumed to the regime). They go a little further to outrun the regime and stumble across a pulsing heart-like object in the sky.


I think the heart-like object represents safety in the video and KH was the one to first discover it. KH had one solo shot throughout the entire video and it seems like he was in a rush going to the members. At this moment, the snow started falling (which seems to be a signifier that the war was about to start, as during the opening scenes of the video, there was snow falling down), which caused KH to ditch his crutches and move faster. The war takes place and once the members regroup, he leads them to the heart (he is the only member visibly happy, while everyone else is quite shocked).


I will start off the next part of the theory by explaining what I think the significance of the pulsing heart is.

And that is it for my All In theory! What do you think?

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