[Music Video Theory] Monsta X The Clan (Part 2) – Fighter

Welcome back to the KPOPreviewed’s music theory segment. It may be so long since I posted my last music video theory (for GOT7) that you have forgotten about the segment, but I am still working on it. For more information on this segment, hop over to the introductory post.

Let’s waste no more time and get on with the segment!

Important Notes

For this theory, I will be referring to the members based on the following code, simply because it is easier to write out.


Code Notes
Shownu SN

Narration Teaser released 7th May 2016


Jooheon JH


Minhyuk MH

Narration Teaser released 26th Sep 2016


HW Narration Teaser released 25th of Sep 2016

Narration Teaser released 6th of May 2016

Some of the members had a narration teaser released prior to the All In and Fighter comebacks, which featured an oath for their X-Clan. A ‘Last Oath’ featuring all members was released prior to the Beautiful comeback. These narration trailers are referenced throughout the theories.

To make it easier, I will be recapping the events surrounding a character (or a group of characters) as this will prevent me from jumping through different stories. I will provide screenshots to help differentiate moments in the storyline.

Anything in italics is more like my interpretation of that detail.

Fighter seems to be set in a completely different world as there is no war and the scenes don’t look like they are a direct continuation. I go on a more Sci-fi route. Whatever that pulsing heart thing is, it ended up sucking the members in OR it killed the members, while transferring their consciousness to a different reality.


At the very start of the video, while punching the wall, we see SN’s cell door opening, revealing a red light, allowing for his escape. There are two possible scenarios of who could have saved him. The first being the X-Clan, with JH pulling him to the side right after. The second being JH’s minion (the bears), taking him to the knighting ceremony.


But why was he in jail in the first place? It could be due to his actions during All In video, where he robbed the store for money to help with his father’s treatment. While this might be a different reality, the mind of the individual may play an important part in where they are found in the new reality. SN may have a guilty mind over the robbery hence why he is in prison.  

There are also scenes in the video where SH is breathing and the light in the background is pulsing in a similar way to the heart in All In. This kind of proves my theory that they were sucked into the thing, which took them to a new reality.


We later see SH being brought to JH and is knighted, making him the leader of the clan (or a higher up in the clan). Why? SN’s has shown loyalty to JH. Firstly, SN’s holdup at the store allowed JH to steal some objects for himself. Secondly, drug taking is a sign of loyalty. Thirdly, going to jail without mentioning JH as the person who supplied him with the gun.


Kihyun, Wonho and IM

Kihyun is seen dragging a bloody bag (presumably with someone’s body inside). It is assumed that KH is trading the bloody body bag for some information. He is then taken to a room (marked with the X-Clan symbol of X on the door) without being shown the way (bag over head technique) which contains the blue flower grown in a drug house like manner.




Wonho takes on the role of a blacksmith and is building a machine, which is shown later to take the blue flower’s extract and transform them into something else, most likely the gummy bears.


IM is child-like in the video. Playing retro video games (involving teddy bears), surrounded by teddy bears and riding bikes (along with the other two members) with streamers.


The three band together with their resources (i.e. KH = Flower, IM = video game skills and WH – machine) to power up the machine JH, once the three elements come together, joins the members and oversee the production of the gummy bears. The machine could also be used to hack into the security system of the mental asylum and/or prison. 




The three members had more important roles compared to Shownu, Hyungwon and Minhyuk for this video. This further proves that they are in a different reality this time around.

Hyungwon and Minhyuk

Their oath (released as trailers for the Fighter comeback) seems to be about being together and how they are interlinked (their oaths reference each other), which is the case of both videos.

The two spend their time during the video in a mental asylum. This might contribute to the fact that they are a couple, as a possible reason to why they are in the mental asylum is that same-gender couples were seen to have a mental disorder in the past. It could also be the fact that HW had eaten the flower (assuming to be just before regrouping in All In) and this put him in a drug-influenced state and altered his mind, causing him to be relocated to a mental asylum. As the oath tells us they are interlinked, this might also be why MH was brought along with HW. They wore stray jackets and looked like they were out of their mind.


JH waltz in as a doctor and present the gummy bears to the HW and MH. While the blue flower extract gave them life, it makes reasonable sense that the flower also has the ability to regenerate the health of the person who ingests the drug. Both HW and MH ate the gummy bears.


End of the video

After ingesting the drug, the members break into the mental asylum in which HW and MH are located, they regroup (because they are a clan after all and after the events of All In, they only have themselves). I think they make their ascent to Heaven but once again a pulsing heart presents to them, which takes them to another reality if we were to follow the same theory established.




Up until now, JH is a very suspicious character. His role in both videos remained the same. He is the ringleader of the clan, so it could be his mission to keep the members together (i.e. save the members from their different realities).

As mentioned prior, JH steals some things for himself during SN’s raid. In All In, he knew where to go for the gun and he passes the bag to SH instead of holding onto it himself. It is as if he knew what would happen (i.e. get locked up). He appears as a king (an authority figure), knighting SH.



He appears to be a doctor, an authority figure in a hospital setting. He gives the gummy bears to the members, asking them to choose between the two.


He doesn’t contribute to anything that KH, WH and IM do until they gather the pieces of the puzzle, same as a gang-boss who lets his people do his dirty work. In fact, the common theory is that JH was the one that arranged KH to be kidnapped and shows him the blue flowers.


What I am getting at is that he is an authority figure in the videos and this emphasized many times. But more than that, he knows different things that no one else knows (i.e. the gun and the flowers). So from how I am interpreting the video, it seems like JH has been planning the events of both videos.

And that is the end of the Fighter theory. What do you think?

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