[Music Video Theory] Monsta X The Clan (Part 3) – Beautiful

Welcome back to the KPOPreviewed’s music theory segment. It may be so long since I posted my last music video theory (for GOT7) that you have forgotten about the segment, but I am still working on it. For more information on this segment, hop over to the introductory post.

Let’s waste no more time and get on with the segment!

Important Notes

For this theory, I will be referring to the members based on the following code, simply because it is easier to write out.


Code Notes
Shownu SN

Narration Teaser released 7th May 2016


Jooheon JH


Minhyuk MH

Narration Teaser released 26th Sep 2016


HW Narration Teaser released 25th of Sep 2016

Narration Teaser released 6th of May 2016

Some of the members had a narration teaser released prior to the All In and Fighter comebacks, which featured an oath for their X-Clan. A ‘Last Oath’ featuring all members was released prior to the Beautiful comeback. These narration trailers are referenced throughout the theories.

To make it easier, I will be recapping the events surrounding a character (or a group of characters) as this will prevent me from jumping through different stories. I will provide screenshots to help differentiate moments in the storyline.

Anything in italics is more like my interpretation of that detail.

Overall Theory

Probably the most ambiguous video to try to interpret because it doesn’t contain much of a storyline. I wasn’t sure about how this fits in, so I used different theories to make sense of it. This is just my interpretation which fits the other theories I have published. Other theories have pointed out other factors and weaknesses/flaws. 

Each member (excluding JH) are locked away in their own small individual rooms. JH is roaming the halls. Anyone locked up in a room is frustrated and demands to be left out (hence why they spend most of the time pressed up against the door).

JH gives each member an object, visually connected to the storyline in the first two videos. Once these objects are given out, the members become calm and understanding of the situation, which is definitely a very important emotion at this point.

The theory is JH is giving something to each member that indicates a personal flaw or weakness. And by overcoming this flaw/weakness, they can gain entrance to the X-Clan.


Going back to the previous section, JH is confirmed to be the leader, the authority figure, the person in complete control. Whether he is the one pulling the strings for everything in the last videos, we can’t be sure about that (but I am fairly confident here). But Beautiful shows that he is the one that locked them away into their individual rooms. He is the one that gives the members their individual items and he is the one that they follow out at the end of the room.




SN is the first character we see and he is seen in a room full of plants. The most important plant of all, in this trilogy, is the blue flower, to which is on display in the glass box in the middle of the room.


He is given the glass bottle of the blue liquid. His weakness is insecurity. In All In, he lost his father. Without his father, at this point, he was lost and insecure about standing alone (or depending on others). Hence why he drank the liquid as an escape route of his problems.


He dumps the liquid and doesn’t look back.



HW is shown to be in a room full of sand on the floor and mirrors everywhere. He is given the magnifying glass.



His weakness could be judgement. He faced judgement from his father in the first video, which caused him to be physically abused, leading to injuries on the face. The magnifying glass could be a reminder of this. But rather revisiting those thoughts, he drops the magnifying glass, showing that he doesn’t care anymore.



MH is inside a room full of ‘frozen time’ (i.e. pendulums don’t move, balls don’t roll). He given is a pocket watch, which commonly represents time.



His weakness is probably his regret that he didn’t get to HW in time. In All In, when he should have gone back to HW after lighting the house on fire, he stayed behind to ensure the job was done. He wasted time, which he thought could now be used to protect HW. When JH gives him the watch, he holds onto it. Once he understands, he lets go of the watch, so time goes on.




IM is a room full of money and gold. He is given matches.



I am not too sure about his weakness. However, it may be the fact that he has another family/life outside of the Clan. In his narration teaser, he ‘solemnly swears on our honour, lives and everything that we have to the X-Clan to defend ourselves’. In a way, ‘everything’ may encompass the extra life and that the burning of the wealth is him letting go of this for the X-Clan.



WH is locked in a mail room or a bank vault. He is given a pen and ink.



His weakness might be loneliness. In every box within the room, there was a letter written from one person, addressed to another. The only time we see Wonho in the video is when he is together with the rest of the clan OR that is he alone. While KH and IM were alone in their parts, they had the capability to interact (IM had the bears and KH interacted with the kidnappers).

Wonho sat down to write a letter, which allowed him to make his first interaction.


KH is a locked up in a very uncluttered room, containing swords and metalwork, which reminds me of the stuff in the Fighter music video. He is presented with a blacksmith’s hammer.



Though this seems to be a little ambiguous. WH used the hammer, while JH and SH encountered a sword. Both hammer and swords can be used to kill people and KH’s weakness would be the fact that he killed someone in Fighter in order to get some information on the flowers. I have a feeling that when he did kill the unknown person, he felt no remorse and that it was for the cause. The holding of the hammer may suggest acceptance of what he had done was wrong.


And that is it for my Beautiful theory! What do you think?

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