[Review] 1,2,3 – Seungri (Big Bang)

After 5 years, Seungri is officially back with his first ever studio album! Seungri is the youngest member of Big Bang and is the only member yet to enlist in the military (the rest of Big Bang are currently in the army). He has had a successful solo career so far, with his last release way back in 2013 with Gotta Talk To You. His latest title track is 1,2,3 (셋 셀테니) and this is featured on the studio album titled as The Great Seungri.

1,2,3 is probably going to be next favourite hit of 2018. The song itself is super energetic and upbeat, aspects that I tend to find extremely appealing. It is definitely something that we haven’t heard in a long time. I really like the retro vibes from the instrumental, which can felt most prominently through the bridge of the song. KPOP does retro pretty well and this is probably proof. I also really like the sudden 1,2,3 that throws us (literally) into the chorus, along with the addictive nature of the chorus. I also liked his vocals, which definitely added an extra layer of appeal, in my opinion. Personally, I didn’t expect this song from him, considering his past titles. However, it does fit in with his playful personality, which I do admire him for.

Like the retro sound, the video goes for a retro concept as well. Some parts remind me of the Grease era, especially the leather jacket, the smooth comb over hand movement and the bleachers on which the second verse focuses on. Anda features as the female lead in the music video, who does a jive (or something – I am not a dancer in any way) during the first chorus and rejoins the party in the final chorus. I also like how everyone joins in at the end of the song for the final chorus, which is definitely something we see often in a retro context. The last two minutes showed behind the scene footage, which I thought was nice. Overall, it was an excellent video.

The dancing is definitely quite good. While there isn’t a live performance for the comeback yet, what we see in the music video is definitely convincing me to check out the live performances. Really like the dancing between Anda and Seungri, along with the rest of the choreography.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.7/10


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