[Review] Sunny Summer – GFRIEND

Joining the Summer rush is GFRIEND with their summer track, Sunny Summer. The track is featured on their 7th mini-album which also shares the same name as the title track. This Summer comeback comes right after GFRIEND made their comeback in May of this year with Time For The Moon Night.

The first time I heard the song I thought it was a very mediocre song. There wasn’t any special with the song, going with a very normal pop-styled Summer instrumental. But with a few more listens, I find the song quite good in some aspects despite my initial thoughts remaining. The pre-chorus was a section of the song which I liked quite a bit and it did its job of hyping the song to the chorus quite well. The chorus was equally as good with the ‘Yeorum Yeorum Hae‘ entrance my favourite moments of the entire song. I also like how the song focuses more on their vocals this time around, allowing us to hear more of their talent. Other than that, the song didn’t really reach out and it failed to capture my attention. It is still a good song but not their best.

Despite being a fitting music video for the song, I find the idea of shooting a Summer video indoors quite unconvincing. And there have been many fantastic studio-shot Summer videos that looked quite good. Just I never had the opportunity to touch upon it. There is also a number of retro/olden day references throughout the video, like Eunha’s impersonation of the video, the quote at the very start of the video (seems to be Old English/Shakespearean-like) and the silent films’ way of telling us the sound in the video (‘Door. Bang’ at 1:48 of music video). I am not exactly sure of the context behind these shots but they must have some meaning!

Unlike all of GFRIEND’s title track performances, this one is a little more cutesy and lacks any dance break, which I look forward to in each comeback. Hence, I found it a little lacklustre. I did like the fanning during the chorus but other than that, it was an okay performance.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.1/10

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