[Review] Power Up – Red Velvet

With the major success of Red Flavour last year, it was expected that Red Velvet would make another Summer comeback. And today, the girl group released Power Up and their newest mini-album, Summer Magic (which also features the English Version of Bad Boy – their previous 2018 comeback). And in a matter of hours, the song had already topped charts, reconfirming their status as a popular girl group and potentially the next Summer queens.

Power Up is a very upbeat and brightly filled Summer pop track. That being said, the song felt very  typical. It might be because I haven’t really caught onto the song, as I do acknowledge that it has a cool hook (the ‘Ba Banana Ba Ba Banana nana‘) which I can see growing on me within a few days time. The verses and chorus don’t really have that memorability factor that most KPOP songs are known for. I did notice that the instrumental didn’t change-up as much, which may contribute to the lacking feeling I felt.. However, I do find some moments that I really like. For example, the pre-chorus. vocal work and the rapping were all promising segments of the song. And the previously mentioned hook as well. At the moment I feel like I am on the fence with this song. But knowing me, it will grow on me a fair bit.

The visuals for this comeback are really good. Like all Summer comebacks, the colours in this video are extremely vibrant. They went with pastel shades of each colour, which gave the video a very retro feel. I like how they presented the heat in the music video, shown by the melting props (done through editing). It looked cool and I thought it was rather interesting. And it is also rather different to see the members outside for once, as it felt like it has been a long time since we have seen them outside for a music video.

The performance looked quite nice. Very fitting for the cutesy concept you can say they approached with their comeback this time around. The chorus choreography was also quite good. Overall, I liked the looks of the performance.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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